seller says its wear and tear

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  1. I purchased Speedy Bandouliere 30 Monogram Idylle and when it arrived all 4 corners are badly frayed , i contacted the seller to tell her i was not happy with the condition of the bag and she said she had listed the bag as used and it was just wear and tear, she never mentioned or photographed the damage in her listing in fact she copied Louis Vuitton's website description for her listing now she is refusing to give me a refund what should i do ? ...

  2. File a SNAD w/ebay.. since your seller is being uncooperative, you don't
    have much of a choice...
  3. i'll do that now i was trying to give her a chance to do the right thing !!!
  4. In the future, you'll probably want to ask for pictures for an item listed as pre-owned. Since you have to pay the return shipping back to the seller, you're losing money too if you aren't certain of the condition beforehand.
  5. just got her reply this is what she said Seller's message:
    "All pictures are sent as requested from the buyer and pictures tell a thousand words. There are about 14 pictures sent in total include the display pictures in my listing, to the buyer where the buyer paid after reviewing all the pictures. Therefore, the buyer rationally made the decision to purchase after all the pictures are reviewed. The bag is not damage. As mentioned this is a used bag and obviously there will be wear and tear like a textbook. Don't expect a used item to be like a new one for the very low price that you have paid. she did send pictures but none of the corners .

  6. Escalate the SNAD.
  7. I have replied to the seller with the seller never mentioned or photographed the corners of this bag so i could not make a rational decision until i had seen the bag myself , this is not wear and tear it is a very serious fault that cannot be repaired , i feel the seller tried to hide this damage by not putting it in her listing and instead quoting Louis Vuitton's website description in her listing , if i had known the true condition of this bag i would never have purchased it , i do not consider £450 to be a very low price , and after finding out the bag cannot be repaired i wish to have a full refund . How do i escalate the SNAD it says wait for the sellers response
  8. Did you file the SNAD with ebay.... contact them to find out how to escalate
    your claim...the seller has already responded you should be able to escalate
  9. do i have to wait 8 days if she doesn't respond again ? yes i filed the SNAD with ebay
  10. Was it the Ebene?
  11. This is all the seller had in her listing Seller's description
    The Speedy Bandouliere 30 in fresh Monogram Idylle canvas boasts hold leather trimmings and rich golden brass hardware.
    Now with a versatile shoulder strap, it embodies effortless everyday city style..

    -Calfskin leather trimmings

    -Carried by hand, shoulder or crossed body

    -Double zipped closure


    -D-ring for attaching keys and pouches

    -Two interior patched pockets

    From a pet free and smoke free home. I only sell 100% authentic items otherwise money back guaranteed!
  12. What did she say in her communications with you? It may be difficult to prove that the item is not as described considering that the auction doesn't describe the condition at all.
  13. I looked in the completeds and I can't find anything. Do you have a link or the item number?
  14. It shouldn't be hard to prove it at all. I'm a seller on ebay and I know that if the seller did not disclose the damage to the bag, she is responsible. Don't let this slide. INSIST on returning the bag! Don't however try to get a partial refund or keep the bag. Make sure you state you want to return it for a full refund even if you do have to pay return shipping. You can let your feelings be known on how the seller is treating you, if needed, in your feedback left for her after you return the bag. Be patient, be polite, but as I said, insist on returning it but insist on a full refund including original shipping. Don't fall for her crap!
  15. Oh, one more thing I forgot. Used does not mean abused. I sell used items all the time, that does not mean they are not in good condition. She's lying through her teeth if she feels she can get away with stating that worn like that on the corners is okay to not state in her description!