Seller says, "I'm an innocent victime of fakes just like you!"

  1. I just have to vent about a seller. I put in a hasty last minute bid for an item. Even before the auction was over, I had checked the sellers other items and they were all FAKES. Grrr... I contacted the seller and promised it was authentic. Anyway, the item arrived yesterday and lo and behold it's a big fat fake. So I contacted the seller and she denies it's a fake. This woman tries to tell me that the tag is different from the designer's normal tags because it's a sample not meant to be sold in stores. She offers a refund minus 15%, restocking fees and shipping and handling fees. Umm, WTH!!!???

    OMG I was seeing red by then. I had to get all legal on her. I referenced another of her items that was a big fat phony! In the end she had changed her story so many times I was dizzy. Then, get this: She agreed to refund me and thanked me profusely for informing her that she had sold a fake. She promised to take down the other fake item immediately. She was soooo sorry, blah, blah, blah.

    Surprise, surprise, the other fake item sold. She had never taken down that auction. So even though I get my refund, she's still at it. Sigh.... There are just so many fakes out there. It's discouraging because I know that no matter how fast you report them, two more will crop up to take their place.

    And here's the best part: She wanted me to tell her exactly how I knew her items were fake so she could use the information to avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous suppliers in the future. Yeah, right, like I'm going to help a faker get better at her job!!!

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Wow, I hear ya honey! Did you notice BTW, that now when you go to report a fake and you get to the part that says "email us," the item number doesn't come up automatically (like it used to)? Now you have to go all the way back to the listing screen and get the item number and start all over again!!! It's like eBay is trying to make it harder to report fake items:cursing:
  3. It is up to a seller to prove that their items are real before presenting as a brand name product. They cannot sell something they are "unsure" of. I have no doubt most, if not all, fake eBay sellers know that their items are fake!
  4. She stopped being an innocent victim of fakes when she decided to make money off the sale of them.
  5. I feel your pain! It saddens me to see it happen. And the sellers, for the most part, get away with it!! I'm so sorry you had to have an experience with one of those nutcases!

    rbaby - I know, that's so annoying!! They make you think you're about to go straight to submitting the report...and then all it does is tell you to email them!! STUPID eBay!!
  6. I hope you left her a big fat negative. :cursing:
  7. You know, I'm all for people getting the information they need to stop the spread of fakes, but when she didn't take down the other fake items and let some unsuspecting buyer pay for something that wasn't authentic, she stopped being sympathetic and worthy of passing along information to, in my book. If her conscience lets her get away with continuing to rip off people, then she would probably just use that information to get ahead;I agree with you!

    BTW, la miss, this is way OT, but I LOVE your icon. Moz is my other passion in life :love:

  8. Careful sister, he's mine all mine!

    About the seller. I checked some more of her listings. Here is a necklace listed as Tiffany's. You be the judge:

  9. E-bay is horrible. I report fake bags all the time and most of the time they don't remove the listing. There is a fake red J Choo Mahala some idiot is selling starting at $499. God I hope no one bids on her junk!!!!
  10. I am so glad you got your money back. A few bad experiences of my own along with stories on this forum have scared me off ebay forever. I simply don't have the constition to go bidding and potentially fighting for months to get reimbursed. I've heard others say they never spend more than they can afford to lose on ebay and I can't afford to lose ANY money to counterfeit or dishonest sellers! Nor can I afford to lose the sleep while fighting to get reimbursed.

    ebay is digging their own grave with these things happening daily.
  11. Ugh...I just hope you get all of your money back.
  12. She's hardly an innocent victim- eBay puts the risk on her through its contractual terms. She doesn't have the right to assume it's real. Burden's on her.
  13. What a moron. Nice way to make a fool of herself.
  14. :hs::hs::hs::hs: to her!!!!! and all fakes!!!!
  15. That is why I am so afraid to buy off ebay. I'm not soo good at knowing if it's a fake or not. If I ever think about getting one there, I will check with everyone here first. I'm tryin to read up on how to tell if it's a fake or not. I think I might be able to tell the differance w/Juicy Couture, and Coach. The others, I'm not so sure lol.