Seller said it was new, but it was USED!!!

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  1. :sad:I'm venting.

    I love the Dooney Croc/NILE line. I've several bags in differing and the same styles of the croc embossed leather line.

    I found a bag on ebay which has been sold out forever. The auction said it was "new, without tags." The seller disclosed that it did not have the reg. card. I didn't mind that it was missing. (I've sent in cards for bags I've never I stopped sending in the cards.:supacool:) I figured, like I have, that she bought a bag and wound up not using it.

    Anyway, I win the auction, I pay.

    A few days later, I get the bag. Seller had already left feedback for me. I looked briefly at the bag, left it in the box, then posted this positive fb (Nice bag! Quickly Shipped!! Thanks!!).

    So, a few days later, I go to transfer my stuff into this new bag. Then I see the REAL wear.:sad:

    This bag is still nice, but it's used. For real.

    The strap, under the o-ring is differently textured, looks and feel, from wear. Looking carefully at the corners, they are scuffed. I could overlook that if the strap wasn't so worn.

    I feel stupid for not looking at it with a magnifying glass, or more carefully when I first got it. And for leaving fb before I did that.

    I send the seller an email saying I'm going to send it back because it's OBVIOUSLY used. I detail the manner in which the bag had been used.
    No response. I get it ready for repacking and send it out. Seller doesn't respond after a day.

    I file a dispute with paypal to have it on record since it was out of my hands at that point.

    Seller responds after that talking about she has pics and "[her] auction stated it's been used once and put away". LIE. The auction stated no use.

    The SELLER escalates it to a claim.

    Meanwhile, emails go back and forth and I restate that the bag was used, she needs to do the right thing, that I only filed the dispute to have an impartial record of our communication. Seller claims that her husband responded erroneously and that the bag was never used, that she has pictures.

    I told that chick, flat out, I wasn't gonna call her a liar, but someone was lying and it wasn't me.

    She refused delivery of the bag, so now it's back with me.

    I reopened the box to look at it again, and there's no doubt, this broad knows this bag was used by her.

    As I told her, I have several bags of this nature, and none have this level of wear under the o-ring and the strap. I should have taken the bag out and really looked when I got it the first time.:yucky:

    I forwarded all the emails to the resolution folks at paypal, but I just want to vent, 'cause this is b.s.

    On the other hand, I had to return something to another seller who was perfect. She got it a day and a half after I sent it. She started the refund promptly and the matters all settled. THAT was customer service.:yes:
  2. I hope you get an amicable resolution.
  3. how many days is a few days?

    as a seller, I think it is totally unreasonable to contact me even 5 days after you receive an item and tell me it's not what you thought. I think it should be within a day. I believe what you're saying, but as a seller, she is probably thinking you used the bag for a few days and decided you dont like it and now want to send it back (I just went through this with a buyer).

    I understand what you're saying and I'm not accusing you of doing that, I'm just giving you an idea of what the seller may be thinking
  4. A "few days" was within 48 hoiurs. I picked it up one night (my post office lobby is open 24 hours), worked the next day ( I'm not available during "regular hours" all the time). Therefore, the day after, I sent the email...and by that evening the bag was in the mail. The bag was actually received by her and refused by her within 5 days of my receipt of it.

    And honestly, I couldn't have used this bag to this degree in just a few days, even if it had been five. I've carried my hobo crocs (the large and extra large) and my circle crocs for months and they've not yet reached the point of wear that this bag has.

    I even bought my british tan ex large hobo croc from ebay, used, and it wasn't this used!!! And even if it had been this used, it was sold that way, therefore I would have been warned (we all know one person's "gently used" is another's "stomped to death" :smile:)

    Like I said, on the bag is dispute, the leather texture has changed (it's roughened from abrasion due to carrying, I suppose)

    If she had sold the bag as "used", then I could have braced myself to be prepared for use. However, she sold it as new. THAT'S my issue.
  5. To further clarify the timeline:

    I got it Wednesday,
    worked Thursday,
    sent it off Friday evening (would have been in the mail Friday day, but my kid fell and broke his arm so I sat in an ER for many hours).

    Saturday in transit

    Sunday was mother's day and Sunday there's no mail del'y.

    Monday at approx 1:30 in the afternoon, she refused delivery.
  6. I believe you will win this case. You should keep good pictures of those worn areas for your own records. File paypal with reason Not As Described. I wish you luck.
  7. sorry to hear about your story!

    good luck!

    i regret that i hesitated on not asking for a return for a bag that was obviously used (she left her keys in the bag) - but other than that - there are no signs of wear.. so I decided to let it go...

    but good luck with your case!
  8. LOL! Did the seller realise her keys were missing? Did you tell her you had her keys?
  9. I would be annoyed if a buyer left me positive feedback then changed her mind. I guess it's a lesson to be learned that always check the item before you leave feedback :smile:
    Glad you're getting this sorted though.
  10. ok, that makes perfect sense. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't pushing a week or something.

    one tip in case this happens again. don't send anything back until you have the sellers agreement or paypal dispute tells you to do so. that way you don't risk losing your money and your bag

    open a dispute in paypal if the seller is difficult. it falls under item not as described. you should have a pretty good case.

    good luck! please keep us posted! :yes:
  11. As long as you have filed a dispute with Paypal to say that this item was not as described, you should have a good case.

    Make sure you print out a copy of the auction and take photos of the bag and the marks etc. Did you send the bag back to her by a Tracked Method? If you did, provide Paypal with the tracking number (no need to say she refused it). I am almost sure that Paypal will find in your favour and give you the money back.
  12. I sent the back to her...and then regretted that I had not taken pics. In that she refused delivery of the bag and it has come back to me, I can prove to PP, if necessary, that it's used.

    I had sent the bag back to her with a trackable method. That is how I know that she refused it on Monday (14th) and then on 17th when they tried redelivery. She refused both times. I got the bag back yesterday.

    Re-examining this bag, it's obvious. I only opened the box and cursorily looked at it when I first received it. It was night, I was tired.:sad:

    The fb...well, I don't regret that: I said quickly shipped (it was) and nice bag (it still is) it's just USED!!! Used was not supposed to be part of the auction.:shrugs:

    Now, however, I will certainly wait until the auction and its ensuing travails, if any, are completed before leaving fb.
  13. I didn't really change my mind, though. The feedback was genuine. It is a nice bag or I'd not have bid and she shipped it quick. That's all I said.

    I just hadn't counted on this bag being a used bag. I wouldn't have bid as much as I did, I wouldn't have cared about winning or losing as much if I'd known it were used.

    When I bought my brit tan exlarge hobo, it was adverted as used and she had pics showing its use. I fixed my mind on the fact that, in person, that bag might have had more use than disclosed. But I was prepared for that.

    with this bag, this seller claimed NEW, no use. I sold some Coach bags that I'd purchased, brought home, put on my shelf and never used. They were NEW. That's what I expected with this auction. That's not what I got.:Push:
  14. hopefully, the fact that you left a positive feedback prior to your complaint doesn't hurt your claim... the seller might say this was just a case or buyers remorse... make sure you're armed with a copy of the listing showing that the bag was presented as "new" as well as the actual pictures of the bag...

    good luck!!!
  15. Did you take pictures of the areas of obvious wear and tear? I hope you did, and sent them to her as an "FYI - see here!"