Seller said auction ended too low and wants to relist item?!?

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  1. I won an auction which ended at a very good price - I got an email from the seller after auction ended, saying she couldn't believe how low the bidding was and that she was going to relist the item?!? I emailed her back that it's a binding agreement between both parties once auction ends with a high bidder and that she has to honor the auction price and send the item to me. What should I do? I don't want to risk negative feedback as I've had BAD luck lately with ebay yet I really want this item - I won it fair and square. What a seems like ebay is an awful place to do any business lately :sad:
  2. no way!! that is NOT a good reason for her not to sell to you!! that's absurd. just report her email to eBay!! did she send the message through eBay messages or directly to your email? if it went directly to your email, eBay may ask you for headers.
  3. Yeah, something like that happened to me! I left the chick negative feedback and then she left me a negative too! :nuts:
  4. Wow!!!! she could have set a reserve, but if she choose not to then she should complete the transaction. MAke sure you keep those emails, just in case you nned to send them onto eBay.
  5. I hate when sellers do that - if they were expecting a certain amount, they should have started the auction at that amount.
  6. Yikes! I hope you get your item. That is no way to do business.
  7. Has she heard of putting a reserve on it? (Actually in Australia you can no longer use reserves on - but I'm assuming this was

    Yes, she should sell you the item at the price you won it for.
    But, unless you are willing to take it to court (someone in AU did this but it was for a plane that sold for $150K when it was worth about $250K - not generally worth it!), there isn't much you can do. You can file a non-performing seller complaint - but it doesn't mean you will receive your item.

    And of course, if you leave a negative, you are likely to get a retalitory one.

    So you may be out of luck :sad:
  8. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do. Once the same thing happened to me, and the seller lied to me and said "oh, that item is damaged sorry." I smelled BS and told him to send me it anyways even with the damage and paid him. He refunded and said no, he wants $800 for it instead of the original $200 or so. There's unfortunately nothing you can do about it except report him, but I dont think Ebay does much.

    Another time, even more preposterous (and the reason why I will never buy Louis Vuitton on Ebay or anywhere else than the actual Louis Vuitton stores) is when I bid on a speedy then afterwards, I carelessly added on a sentence to an email to him asking for shipping if the bag was guaranteed to be authentic, then the seller immediately went on a tirade about how he went through the 15 identifying factors of authenticity, and refunded my payment 6 times!!! citing "incorrect payment" and then gave me a NPB strike. Some people are so shady, and it seems like a lot of people selling handbags (especially Louis Vuitton) on Ebay are really nasty people. After that, I just don't want to deal with that kind of stuff, and to me, its not worth the couple hundred dollars or something you can save per bag when you have to pay for it with this type of mental anguish.
  9. Def. file a NPS nonperfoming seller report. Save the email message so that you can forward it to ebay along with all the headers. Tip... file these reports on working days; for some reason stuff reported over the weekends and holidays basically gets pushed aside until it finds someone with the time to take care of it... from experience.
  10. I would file a NPS too. I wouldn't let it go easily either. You won it fair and square. It's their fault for being too cheap to put a reserve. If you bought something for more than it was worth, you'd be expected to pay- so why not the other way around. Good luck and let us know how it goes but I really hope something is done as it sets abad precedent for future sales if sellers think they can just re-list something if they don't get what they want.
  11. That is so ridiculous! The seller was stupid if she didn't put a reserve on it. I'd definitely report her as a non-performing seller to Ebay.
  12. Thanks everyone, I didn't realize there was NPS so I think I will. I don't think I should have to send her more $$$ so that SHE'S happy? I mean I won it fair and square. I would never have the nerve to do that to someone and believe me, I had my share of low selling items. This sucks.

    Here's the email I got last night:

    Please hope you understand, I know i'm not going to make any profit or anything. cmon those sunglasses was like $375 something in the chanel stores. That Right I felt that really unfair for myself (not you). please work out any deal with you. so we both happy and have a great holiday.

    and this:

    Hi, I understand.. it's kinda like third party ( ebay) that make us didn't happy. also the price that i expected was that low.. I would love to sell it to you if you can offer something better. please. I bought those really high. I can get 2x price better.

    **I am so upset. I know this isn't going to work out and I can't risk negative feedback. Can she leave me negative if I file NPS against her?
  13. Yes, she will still be able to leave feedback even if you file NPS.
  14. What an idiot. Why didn't she just start the price at the minimum she would accept? Is she a first time seller? I'm a first time seller and even I had the common sense to do that. Sorry this happened to you.
  15. This kind of situation is outrageous! I hate when bad ebayers are on the site! What the heck?!!! Learn how to ebay before you buy and/or sell anything! The seller should've put a reserve on the sunglasses if he/she was so concerned about the selling price!

    I hope this works out for you and eBay can help!