Seller requested contact info thru ebay..

  1. Why would a seller that I won an item through a couple of days ago request my contact information? I got an email from eBay showing mine and her contact information like phone number, address...etc. Why would she do this? All of my necessary information is in my paypal details from my payment.

    Also she did request in her checkout that I include my phone number for Fed Ex purposes.

    Does any of this sound off to you?

  2. If your package is being shipped via FEDEX, a telephone is required by FEDEX. Did you include your phone number as requested? If you didn't, that could be why seller requested your info. Maybe your package was ready to ship, but missing the phone number, so it was requested to save time.

    At least when these requests are made, you get their contact info as well.

    Did you contact the seller to ask why? There's probably a good reason.

    I don't agree with someone requesting contact info unless there's a problem, i.e. non-payment, non-receipt of the paid item, etc.

    Ask why, hopefully you'll get a satisfactory reply.
  3. Yes, I did provide my phone number in the comments section of the paypal payment. Maybe she didn't see it. I'll ask her.

  4. is your contact info via paypal accurate? maybe she was trying to email you and couldn't...
  5. I had a repeat buyer from Canada do that recently, she said it was for two reasons when I asked, she couldn't find my direct email addy and wasn't at her "main" home computer, but rather at work and wanted to ask me a question about where to go for LV authentications. The second reason was for a customs issue where they dug through her box and I had paid the tariff off of it, yet only put her phone number on there but not hers. So, she needed that number before they would release her package.
  6. thanks guys! All of my info is correct in paypal. I got the fed ex tracking number for my shipment today and it does have a company name on it as well as her own so perhaps she was at her work computer or maybe she just didn't see the phone number that I put in the comments section of the payment. I am such a nervous buyer :smile:.

    Thanks again!
  7. This is the only reason why I use the contact info feature on eBay, when I cannot contact a buyer or seller, I request their info to call them
  8. I recently requested info from someone who bought a $600 purse from me, because she was a zero feedback buyer and I was concerned that she wasn't going to pay me. Luckily, she paid and I didn't have to contact her. In my case, it was done as a "just in case" measure.
  9. I recommend never putting comments in the PayPal comment section. Many times I have over looked them. It's easy to pass it by. Also, sometimes I don't even get an email from PayPal telling me the person has paid, so their comments never even make it to me. My PayPal settings are correct, it's just PayPal doesn't always work the way it should. My guess is she didn't see or didn't receive your comments with your phone #. :smile: