seller relists bag i returned..........

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  1. but she has not changed the measurments of the bag!:shocked: it is 3" smaller than what she continues to list it i was wondering does ebay charge alot to relist and change the previous info?:confused1: i can understand her using the exact photo's because they were very nice and detailed but if someone is looking for a bag the size that she states it is they are going to be very disappointed as i was when they get it and find it is much smaller!

    and she sent me a request to cancel the transaction over the weekend - do i need to wait until the money shows in my account before i go ahead and do this? this is the first time i had a cancel request. TIA
  2. I had a similar thing happen recently. Bought an inexpensive Fossil bag in "like new" condition that came looking like it had been chewed on by a dog on the strap and had sticky stuff on the inside. Sent it back to seller, who refunded.

    One week later, same bag relisted with same condition. Sold for $15 more than what I paid for it, and the buyer eventually left positive feedback! :wtf: Course, maybe they returned it too, I dunno. The feedback wasn't specific.

    But yeah... it's ridiculous.

    Don't cancel the transaction. If you do, DEFINITELY wait until you have your money back.
  3. yes, please wait until you have your money back, before you cancel.
  4. If you dont answer within 7 days it will cancel automatically without your response.
  5. eBay doesn't charge to change info on the listing if relisted.

    definitely wait till the money shows up in your account before you cancel the transaction.
  6. thanks!!

    i got my money back and cancelled. i thought that it automatically cancel it if no response from me but i did not know the time frame it allowed. i got my money back so all is good!

    i was curious why she would list it again with the very wrong measurments when that was the only reason i returned it.:shrugs:
  7. Well... that seems silly to *me*, but it's really on her. If the next buyer is unhappy too, she'll get to go through more hassle.
  8. Maybe the seller used the relist function and forgot to change the measurements of the bag?
  9. Why worry about it? You got your money back. I've noticed from selling handbags there sometimes are different dimensions. The bottom width can be a lot longer than the top width. I also have realized that most people when they buy on eBay already know what they are looking for, i.e., Brand, Style. Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother with all the detail I do put in my listings. Alot of Sellers don't, then they can't be help accountable.
  10. i was/am not worried at all about it! being a business owner i was just curious why this happens when someone is trying to make a profit. i don't sell anything on ebay and as i said i was wondering why a seller would do this type of thing. i have seen feedback where a buyer complains about a certain problem with a bag and the seller relists it with the same exact photo's and description which they know is wrong and the bag has problems yet they do not correct it!