Seller relisting SNAD returned item?

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  1. I purchased a bag from a seller, total was $49.99. She stated that it was "gently used" and in great condition. I received it and it was trashed - totally discolored, inside lining had been torn out, completely stained and scratched. I contacted her and she offered to give me a refund, saying that she was new to selling and honestly considered it to be in great condition.

    I took the refund after sending it back to her, and she asked me to please leave only positive feedback if I was going to leave any so as not to ruin her 100% positive feedback. She also said that she intended to relist the item with a more detailed description and more pics.

    I didn't have a problem with that (since she was very nice about the refund); however, today I saw her relisted item and it's exactly the same - she added a sentence about discoloration and marks, but said that they are "barely noticeable and add character to the bag". Umm...this bag seriously looks trashed IRL. Should I confront her about it? Or should I just go ahead and and give her a negative for being dishonest? And if I do so, is there a way for her to cancel my refund? I should mention that I did not open a SNAD claim...I contacted her and she right away agreed to a refund, so I didn't bother...

    I haven't given a lot of negatives, so I'm honestly not so sure how to handle this...any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Did you already receive your refund? If so, she can't cancel it. If you don't feel a negative is exactly right for your experience, you might consider leaving neutral feedback with a description of the bag's condition; that might ward off others.

    But honestly, she's only hurting herself - anyone else who gets this bag is going to do the same thing that you did.
  3. Um if you have gotten your refund then leave neutral or even negative feedback. Sellers like this drive me batty. And they need to be stopped. If she keeps this up someone is bound to leave a not so favorable rating. But buyers need to be warned so do not leave a positive rating unless I guess you could as long as you can describe that bag was trashed but she refunded promptly or something like that, but I think that should be neutral not positive.
  4. The exact same thing happened to me. The pics were vastly different from the trashed item I received. I was pissed. Luckily she immediately refunded me and I sent it back to her. I left her a neutral and put "Seller refunded me promptly" or something as feedback and then she emailed me pissed that I didn't leave her positive.

    I then explained to her that had she not refunded me, I would have neg'd her. She then asked me when she would receive it back because she was reselling it.

    Nothing ceases to amaze me these days.
  5. Yep, I already received my refund. I want to leave her a neg because I feel she is being dishonest to her buyers - but you're absolutely right...the same thing is going to happen to the next person who buys this bag. I might as well warn them if I can.
  6. Thanks for your you think I should contact her about her new listing or just go ahead with the neg. feedback?
  7. i would leave the seller a neutral feedback as she was professional TO YOU. To the future buyer, she certainly is not since she re-listed the "trashed" bag. A neutral is sufficient to warn other potential customers. And you should do it as soon as possible.
  8. The seller handled your objections directly and it sounds agreeably. I am not sure it is fair to leave negative.

    I have someone questioning me about why I rated something lower than what they assessed it upon receipt. To them it is a gem, to me it was OK but not great. I am grading it as a collector would, they are happy to have it in great shape (to them).

    To you the item was trashed. To the seller, they thought it was reasonable but did put your thoughts that it was discolored with marks. So, if she has a 100% rating, she seems to make amends when she makes a mistake or has buyers who disagree.

    It does not sound like another buyer will be scammed if they are unhappy, so you could be keeping someone away from what THEY will think is a good deal for their budget.

    I do not know any sellers (big boys or not) that would list something and say it is trashed. When I think that what I have should at least be offered, I just describe it and photograph it as detailed as possible. If it is total trash in my mind, I don't offer it or use it in an art project. (Have some next to my feet as I write this)

    New sellers are more optimistic. They are learning. Be helpful by letting them know your opinion, sharing your knowledge, but I would not automatically assume they are purposely trying to deceive. Even a neutral is punished by eBay.

    Just my opinion, of course. :peace:
  9. wise words
  10. Probably a neutral with low rating for "item as described" because she did issued you a refund. If this seller keep being dishonest she'll get a negative soon enough.
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    Did she pay for your return shipping? If not then you are out of pocket over a SNAD item, in which case I'd have no qualms about leaving a negative. This is what I did recently for a velour tracksuit that was supposedly brand new but arrived in used condition. I returned it for refund and the seller had the audacity to relist it as brand new, yet where I'd given her negative feedback, she retaliated by writing the tracksuit was returned in disgusting condition. Yeah right, that's why she went and relisted it as new!!! Hopefully I will have helped potential buyers avoid buying this SNAD item. I'd advise you to care more about potential honest buyers than a dishonest seller.
  12. I would give a neutral and say something like "seller resolved any issues and offered refund promptly". Then just ding the stars. Anything worse than that would be too harsh imo. The seller did resolve your issue with the bag and offered a refund right away. At least you didn't have to file a claim and deal with that process.

    And yes it can get frustrating to pay return shipping....but lots of online retailers require you to pay return shipping. And if you were to return something to a store you pay your gas, time, wear & tear on car etc. We often overlook those costs because we don't pay them up front. I don't think you should hold it against her. This is the hassle of buying from ebay. You may get something amazing, or you may get something not so amazing...when you are buying used online you are taking a chance and have to be prepared to accept the risks that come with it.
  13. leave a neutral at least
    some people have left me a neutral for a lot less (no reason to be exact)
    other buyers need to know