Seller relisted Fake DIOR that she argued w/ me about

  1. How low after all what she put me through and now knowing she has a fake bag if she didn't know at first she is relisting it again.I'm about to report her butt.

    She hasn't changed anything about the auction nothing about it being real or fake.She has no return policy as well.I feel sorry if this auction goes through either they know they are bidding on a fake or they don't.This really just angers me and shows that this lady put on a show and she knew it was fake.

    eBay: CHRISTIAN DIOR BROWN Saddle Bag Purse.GREAT DEAL! SAVE$ (item 330091068179 end time Feb-25-07 20:00:00 PST)

  2. i am reporting her straight away ! lets make her life a bit more difficult !:cursing:
  3. Hey everyone!!!!

    Let's give her a hard time relisting this bag by reporting this listing! (I just reported her)
  4. Thanks guys I can't believe her can you?
  5. I'm not surprised she did it again...scam artists don't give up after one or two tries :sad: