seller refusing to allow return an refund on filthy coach!

  1. I bought a suede coach advertised as wonderful condition. It's filthy. I opened a dispute on paypal, and the seller responded once basically saying that she felt it was described correctly, but not saying she'd take it back. I paid with a credit card. Am I protected here if she doesn't take it back? What would you do? Thanks! I already told her that I would very much like to resolve this peacefully, but I'm not against escalating it to a claim with paypal and my credit card company.

    Thanks in advance! :smile: :heart:
  2. If she wont refund, and Paypal sides with her, contact your credit card company and issue a dispute with them. They will then dispute it with Paypal.
  3. what do I need to say to the credit card company? what is the right 'terminology' so that this works out. It's a $220 dispute
  4. there isn't really any specific buzzword you need to use. just tell them that you bought an item online that arrived significantly not as described (filthy when advertised as like new), and say you want a chargeback.
  5. I would make sure and take lots of pictures. That will be your best evidence. I've actually been on the other side of this kind of dispute and I know that the buyer is usually favored ;)
  6. I have unfortuantely been on the other side of this too, I shipped a very expensive Ralph Lauren train case, buyer didn't want insurance, and it got lost in the mail. Paypal sided with them, and I was out the money and the case. I now require insurance on anything over $10
  7. You could say the item was not as described. Print out the auction and take pics of what you rec'd.
  8. she already filed SNAD with Paypal and they denied her claim.
  9. ^^^ I was referring to her CC company. Paypal only cares that the item was delivered.
  10. no no no, paypal didn't deny my claim, I was responding to the other poster about being a seller and having that happen. I am the buyer here, and I haven't escalated it to a claim yet.
  11. oh, oops. I must have missread. You should go ahead and escalate the claim, THEN if they deny you, turn to your credit card.
  12. you can file a SNAD with Paypal and the buyer usually does win.
  13. how soon to escalate the dispute to a claim though? I just did the dispute yesterday, but the seller is snooty and I have left 4 messages in the dispute but she hasn't responded
  14. which coach did you buy? go ahead and escalate the claim. no one should have to pay $220.00 for a filthy bag. what a shame! i wouldn't have anymore contact with the seller either, unless its through paypal's dispute forum.
  15. one more thing. do not send the bag back yet. paypal will ask you for the delivery confirmation number through the dispute after they have decided the claim. if they side with the seller then you will be out of the bag and the money with no recourse other than trying to get your credit card to chargeback the item.