Seller refused to refund, saying that AUTH LV doesn't have serial numb. HELP..

  1. Hi everyone,

    Please help me. I'm getting very confused now. I bought a Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin bag last month. It was clearly stated in the auction description that the bag was AUTHENTIC and I was being naive to believe the seller because she seemed to be a nice person. I bought it as a present which is supposed to be given later this month. Thus during last month, I kept it well in the original packaging she sent me and didn't even touch it.

    However, after a month has passed I showed it up and someone asked me about the authenticity (the serial number and date code). I rushed to check and couldn't find any. Also, as I looked at it clearly, I realised that the bag has bad stitching in the inside with the thread going messy. I became very suspicious and after doing countless of research, I could finally confirm that I have bought a fake (from the lining, the thread, the LV pattern). When I bought from her, I was an absolute eBay newbie, I didn't even realise that she set private listing. I paid her with bank deposit as well, oh my bad.

    I asked the seller for refund of item not as described, but she refused, saying that it was as described because she didn't mention in the auction description about serial number and date code. Also, some bags don't have date code, is it true? I thought all authentic will come with serial number, no? She said that it was my responsibility to ask but I did ask her to confirm the authenticity and she ensured it in every way, even saying that she was reluctant to sell the bag indeed. She slandered me to return the bag when it's no longer new.

    When I explained the facts to her and confirmed that the bag is still new, she still refused to refund, even replying me this horrible message.

    louis vuitton does not have a serial number!!!! research...... and if you research again you will find that not all bags have the date code depending on age/bag, and also it is most likely hidden if you research you will find someone had to rip open a LV bag to find the date code, which is up to you if you want to do that to such a lovely bag.

    What do you guys think? She really didn't want to admit her mistake, not even talking about refunding me. What am I supposed to do now? Please help, anyone..

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  2. Well, she is right, LVs have date codes, not serial numbers. But the new Mini Lin line has date codes. Can you post some pictures? And a link to the auction? What model is it -- a Speedy?

    She is wrong, you do not have to rip open the bag to find the date code. It sounds as if she is hiding something.
  3. Can you post pictures of the bag. Also ask her to research herself brecause all LV's have a date code (not serial #) since the 80's. Sometimes it is hidden inside a pocket or engraved in the linning but it should be there. Please post pictures so we can confirm it's authenticity and check with your bank if you are able to do a chargeback. Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. Sorry this happened to you, eBay can be a really sucky place to do business.

    Okay, first you should post pics in the "authenticate this: LV forum." Once the ladies there confirm it is a fake (which they will according to what you have described), then you need to contact eBay. I suggest doing this via live chat. I don't think eBay will be of much help since so much time has passed, but that's the first thing I would do. I would also contact my bank (since you paid via bank deposit) and see if there is anything they can do. When all this is said and done, your last resort may be to file a police report. It is illegal to sell conterfeit goods. I would also inform the seller that you intend to do this. Maybe that will put a nice scare into her and hopefully she will refund you. If not, definetly give her information to the police (name, address, phone, etc.) I know this seems harsh, but since you did not pay via PayPal, and since so much time has passed, if your bank won't help you... then I think this may be your only choice.

    Any other opinions on this???
  5. The date code should be stamped on the lining of the main body of the bag on the inside...if you flip up the inner pocket, it'll be stamped on the right side near the riveted area where the handle is (you can see the stitching).
  6. If this bag is indeed fake, open up a dispute. You can also get her on mail fraud for sending counterfeit item through the USPS.
  7. Thanks a lot for your replies. Well, may I post the photos she used in her auction? I am afraid that she would accuse me for stealing her photos. Here is the item number, 170173804754. Kindly check it for me please. If I am allowed to, I will post her photos and add the ones I took myself for clearer description. Thanks heaps.
  8. unfortunately, this bag is fake.
  9. Lvbabydoll, I have checked all over the bag and there is no date code for sure. i_love_yorkie, as I thought. I just can't believe LV would make such a terrible bag. The thread is going out everywhere. Here are some newly taken photos.





    Unfortunately, the seller still doesn't want to admit that she sold me a fake. Any suggestion? I am mentally exhausted. :sad:
  10. looks like she is NARU..
  11. Nick Syd...the low price on this "auth new" bag was a sure give-a-way...Ebay should be able to give you a partical refund of most of your money. Thankfully you didn't pay much more for this bag. That's the bright side. Good luck.
  12. Thanks for your response. :yes: I bought the item when I had joined eBay for only several days. I was being too naive to believe that such a great deal does exist. Do you think I should report her to Louis Vuitton then? :confused1:
  13. Did you filed a claim with PayPal? If not try as soon as possible.
  14. Unfortunately, I paid by using bank deposit. :sad: