Seller Re-Using Pictures?

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  1. I bought a bag last night using "Buy It Now". Today the seller has a new auction with the same pictures. It is a Tokidoki bag and they have many different print placements. I am afraid I"m going to receive a bag different from the pictures. I sent the seller a message about this, but they have not responded. If I get a different bag than what is pictured would that be cause for SNAD? What should I do to protect myself? I paid with PayPal using a credit card.

  2. Hi,

    I would definitely save a copy of the auction. Then save a copy of the pictures in your computer in case the seller decides to change them.

    When you receive the bag, compare it to the original pictures and if it's different you will have proof AND a reason to file a SNAD.

    Sellers should not re-use photos - especially if the bags have different print placements. It's just not right and they are going to end up with unhappy buyers.

  3. DemRam, thank you for your reply! :smile: The seller responded and said they would make sure and send me the same bag as pictured. I'll just wait and see.
  4. I use the same pics for tokidoki for hello kitty handbags for my auctions, but wouldn`t use it for the other tokidoki handbags, since the placement of the images is quite important for each buyer, and each buyer prefers certain placement. So I really hope she does send you the handbag you want......