Seller Question

  1. I was about to create a seller's account until I was reading the Terms of Use. It said e-bay is pretty much allowed to collect monthly fees which are subject to change from my account at will? How much is the fee?
  2. eBay fees are totally dependent on what you sell. There are listing fees and then you are charged a final value fee on everything that you sell iwhich is now 3.25%
  3. Ok thanks!! Now I'm having trouble posting the shipping amount. I'd like to do one flat rate, but every time I put it in, it says please give the correct info... grrr
  4. good luck with that. eBay used to be more fun.
  5. You have to pick a shipping method or even more than one but you put in the appropriate cost for each one
  6. I want to make it so that when buyer's pay for the item, shipping is automatically calculated in the payment. Can someone walk me through this?? I'd really appreciate it. Can't get it to work for some reason.
  7. good luck
  8. When you pick a posting method & enter the amount that you will require let's say I am sending a bag to USA by international signed for method I enter that then the amount then when the buyer is from USA eBay automatically picks that up & the amount will come up as postage when I go to send the invoice or if buyer pays immediately the postage amount appropriate to their country will show, so all you need to do is enter the amount & ebay will do the rest. Hope that helps
  9. from pay pal, set up your invoice customized, if you have to.
    for shipping, you set it up when you make your auction by choosing that flat rate and entering the amount. that amount will end up in the itemized invoice. what is the prob? what is not coming out right? are you using a program? or just the ebay sell page? and, are you using safari or firefox as your browser?
  10. I'm using firefox and the ebay sell page. When I enter the shipping amount and method and save it, it doesn't show up and says on the item page under shipping: "Check item description and payment instructions or contact seller for details."
  11. huh, i use firefox now too b/c safari was messing up on the sell page! if it says refer to item description, go with it. write it in. you still invoice with the ship amount added to it.

    next auction, maek your page from scratch, no templates, adn see what happens. i will list some stuff soon, maybe tongiht, and i will take a look at how i do it and see if i do anything diff to make the ship amont pop up.
  12. Ok well I couldn't get the shipping info to work, but now that the auction has ended, the seller has requested I send them a payment total amount which includes shipping. I see a button that says "send invoice" but will that just send it as is w/o shipping? Or by clicking this will it enable to me to include shipping?
  13. When you click on 'send invoice' a page comes up & you can type shipping, insurance etc into it manually. You can then click on 'preview' to make sure you're happy with it before sending. It's always a bit nerve wracking sending out your first invoice - good luck!