Seller put an aerosol in my package from US to Australia - a problem?

  1. I bought a handbag and the seller has kindly included some apple garde spray (1/4 full aerosol) and conditioner. (We don't have it in Australia.) I did'nt know until she sent it already.

    I'm really keen to get the bag, but I'm worrried what could happen when it arrives to here or if it gets caught out by customs in the US. Will it explode or leak everywhere? Any have any ideas?

    Thx! Em [​IMG]
  2. Oh my goodness, they will take out the aerosol can if they find it, freight travels in a compartment that is not pressurized so there is a chance it will burst......I hope it arrives okay, how is she shipping it?
  3. USPS Express. OMG-I certainly hope it does'nt explode! :wtf:

    Anyone shipped aerosols and everything turned out OK?

  4. aerosols are banned for postage in Australia!!! That's the reason all of us here in aussie can't get our hands on the apple garde, bacause it's not available for international shipment!!!

    good luck emmakins!!
  5. I got sent Appelgarde (aerosol) from the US to Europe and it arrived fine.
  6. :yes:

    If the customs form has anything regarding aerosol written on it, I imagine the post office will not ship it out (on the US side). If customs finds it in the package on this side, I imagine they will remove it before delivery of the package is allowed.
  7. If it does have it writing on the box, they will definitely open the box and take out the aerosol. I wish they had applegard here too.
  8. Fingers crossed that it all sneaks through and everything is fine. I've never been so anxious to receive a package before!!!!
  9. I hope the custom won't catch it . I know OZ custom is very very tight. Can you ask seller if she write the aerosol in the custom form?

    Please keep us update..
  10. I'm with Cal, I always order my apple garde and spray in the U.S and it never was a problem in shipping and getting here. But I live in germany so it might well be different in Australia.
  11. when I bought apple guarde they packaged it up in like bubble wrap so you didn't hear the rattle of the can

    but that was within the US so idk good luck
  12. I just asked the seller and I'm waiting for the reply. Will keep you posted--I'm so keen to receive the package!