Seller Pulled the Auction-Neg Feedback

  1. So, I spent a couple hours last Saturday watching a Gucci bag, bid on it and won. Paid for it the next day and got a receipt. The next day, assuming the bag was in the mail, I got an email from eBay stating that a dispute had been filed that I needed to respond to. In reading it, it said that I had requested to return the bag and get a full refund and that the seller had agreed. eBay wanted me to confirm that the seller and I had mutually agreed?

    Well, I thought I had screwed something up and called PayPal. They had no idea. Couple of hours later, I get an email from the seller stating that they really never had the item to sell and that they had to list the dispute or the auction would not end. Actually the had listed the auction twice apparently but only had one bag but two winners. But I found all this out after the fact.

    So I do not get the bag which was to be a gift. They apologized. Would you leave negative feedback based on how this happened? They should have notified ME before entering the refund/return thing in eBay. They are a large auction house and now that I read their feedback, see that they do this two to three times a month.
  2. I would DEFINITELY leave neg feedback and file with ebay. I hate this crap!
  3. Absolutely!
  4. I bet you got it for a really great price. They didn't want to let it go. It happened to me a couple weeks ago.
  5. i would too. they may retaliate (check the FB they've left for others, that will tell you) but if you are totally honest and don't exaggerate (like write FRAUD in caps, lol) they may not. but they totally deserve to have a neg for that. I HIGHLY doubt it was a 'mistake' like they're saying.
  6. Hell yes!! so waht if they neg you? you can respond & tell others to checlk out thier feedback it will be really obvious that they are the creeps, not you!

    Also, report them to ebay & send copies of all correspondence. they are NOT allowed to sell items they don't have & seeign as they listed the same bag twice, thats selling something they do not have!
  7. I think the seller should have contacted you first, explain the situation and then open the dispute.
    I had this happen to me before and the seller was really sorry and friendly so I didn't leave a feedback at all... things like this can happen, but it's important how/if the sellers tries to solve the problem... if he's willing to help/solve, I wouldn't leave negative, if not: RED!
  8. I only leave negative feedback if the situation was handled horribly, not just for so so service.

    Only you can decide if it qualifies as such. Good luck in finding the bag you wanted.
  9. Yes leave negative that is completely against ebay rules!!!