seller problem (long) but i appreciate any help!

  1. I’m pretty new here and since you guys are so knowledgeable, I figured I would ask here. (Thank God) I have yet to have a problem with bags shipping out to me, but I do have a problem I kinda need some help on.

    I love accessories, they’re my third addiction, right after bags and makeup, but makeup is not really an eBay thing, but accessories are, especially vintagey stuff. I saw items around eBay that I liked and then saw a seller’s store that had all of the items, while they were a little more expensive, I figured the bulk shipping would ultimately make the purchase of 10 things less than buying 10 items from 10 different sellers. In her info she said that it could take her up to 2 weeks to ship depending on the availability and if she had to contact her seller, so I emailed all of the IDS and asked her if she had all of the items ‘in stock.’ She said she did, so I purchased the items on March 14. At that time, I was home in NYC for spring break so I had the shipping address confirmed as my NY address.

    I asked her for the delivery confirmation, to which she responded that she had to specially order a few because she didn’t have them, so she could not ship until 2 weeks later. The problem of course is that I won’t be in NY to accept the shipment then, so I told her that if that’s the case, if she would have a problem shipping to a Boston address because I would have to be back on campus. She responded that it was not a problem and I mailed her my Boston address.

    3 weeks go by, no word from her, so I drop her a ‘how are you, delivery confirmation number please’ email, to which she replies that she will ship the following Monday, April 9. I’m irritated because some of the purchases were meant to be birthday presents, but I am a relatively relaxed person, so I just told her that when she sends them Monday, to remember to send them to my Boston address. She responded that she remembered, but for me to re-email her my address.

    No word until I get an email from her on April 22nd that she has the package ready to ship and lists my NY address. I immediately remind her that my NY address is no longer applicable, since it has been over 5 weeks since my original purchase date. She responded that she would fix the shipping notice right away and emailed me 2 days later confirming to me that my package was modified and sent to Boston. Oh, and also, that it did not include all of my items, she would send a second package, as well.:cursing:

    As you can imagine, I began getting the distinct urge to strangle her, a simple byproduct of my NY upbringing, and I had 3 papers due, a vintage charm bracelet…or 3 would have been a nice pick me up, right?!

    Yesterday, April 30th I email her and tell her that I have received nothing still and if she would send the delivery confirmation numbers so I could track the packages. She responded today that the first one was confirmed delivered to my NY address. And the second one is headed for my NY address. :wtf:

    I sent her a polite, yet angry, email that she had confirmed my Boston address on 3 separate occasions, and that her shipping out on April 26, 6 weeks after my purchase date was bad enough, but that she completely disregarded my reasonable request, all the while I allowed her an excessive amount of time to ship.

    My question is what do I do? To file an item not received claim, I have until the 60 day cap, and I am on day 48. But do I have any recourse since I asked to change the shipping address? It took her 43 days to ship, I feel like I have to have some recourse. I’m just so exasperated over the whole thing.

    PS: I assume you are wondering if anyone can get my stuff in NY, well no one is at home there to receive packages; my parents live there, but they are flakes and are hardly ever home (I love them, though!). Pretty much, when I come home for breaks, there are ‘ant hills’ of mail everywhere. Unless they recognize the sender, they generally leave it or toss it, depending on whether they’re having a dinner party and they want to clean up.
  2. I've just looked this up on paypal and eBay as I was not sure of the answer.

    Even though she said she'd send to the other address, if you can confirm that the items have not arrived in NY yet (which I think really needs to be done to be fair to the seller) I would file INR claims on all of the items.

    She's been giving you the run around for far too long and I would file claims for all items I could confirm were not waiting for me in NY.

    If she did not send to the confirmed address that matches the credit card she would not be protected. However, she is not protected via paypal anyway if she cannot supply a tracking number.

    Did she say the method of shipping would include a tracking number?
  3. I think it depends on how much you want it all.

    I personally, would say NEVER MIND I want my money back because you are being VERY DIFFICULT. I hate dealing with people like that. But that is just me. Not sure if that is something you would want to do, or if others would recommend that.

    She is not living up to her end of the agreement with you - at all. However, I *think* eBay states she has 30 days to ship things out. Im sure someone will correct me if Im wrong.

    Im sorry for all this trouble. It really SUCKS!

    Good luck with it all and keep us updates.
  4. She did respond with the tracking numbers a few hours after she sent an email telling me that the first package was delivered, though neither email made any mention of the agreement we had.

    I have not been able to get in touch with my parents to see if anything came for me, though if a package was received, they would message me to ask what it was (or conversely, they would open it and then comment on the fact that I need to stop buying accessories and handbags).

    To follow your suggestion about making sure the items are in NY, if they in fact are, can I not still file some complaint against her? 6 weeks to receive an item is ridiculous.

    Thanks for the advice!
  5. I would say nevermind, the money could be refunded and diverted to the Get-Amanda-a-Botkier-Bianca-So-She-Looks-Like-a-Professional-Intern fund, which I of course wouldn't mind.

    If she had 30 days, she still exceeded them by an additional 2 weeks. I couldn't find any other mode to complain on ebay. I want to do more than give negative feedback, she has a ricidulously high rating, my negative would not budge her rating in the slightest.

    Thanks so much for the help! I really appreciate it!

    PS - your daughter is adorable!
  6. Not really as you are not supposed to ask sellers to ship to an address other than on the one verified with the paypal account you paid with as they are not protected if they do that. I realize it was her slowness in shipping that caused you to have to ask she use a different address but that does not supersede ebay/paypal's rules. Filing an INR claim if the items are in NY waiting for you is not accurate and ebay does not have a complaint you can file for slow shipping or for getting the run around.

    If you're sure the items are not waiting for you in NY, I would say file INR claims.

    The only real recourse you have right now is negative feedback.