Seller posted pictures of an Authentic Chanel Bag, but I received FAKE!

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  1. Hi girls, please please help me.

    I purchased 2 Chanel GSTs and had them authenticated at the Chanel forum prior to bidding. And they said it was all good. So I subsequently went to bid and won the 2 bags. Before making payment, I confirmed and reconfirmed with the seller that the bags were authentic and were the exact same ones as the pictures and she said yes.

    However when I received the bags, it is pretty obvious they are fakes, as their handles are wrapped in cheap plastic and both the serial numbers for both bags are the same, and you can actually just pretty much tell from looking at the bag.

    I emailed the seller on ebay, but she refused to return me my full purchase and insisted that I would cover both shipping to and from me. After arguing with her for awhile, I got tired of it so I just agreed to that. And she then stopped replying me on ebay.

    So i opened a paypal dispute against her and she again, refused payment until we came to the same agreement as above. However she refuses to make the payment until i have SENT the items back to her. Isn't this pretty risky considering she already "cheated" once?

    So i got tired of this and filed a paypal claim. However paypal is demanding that I show proof that the bags are not authentic. However the Chanel Boutique in Singapore does not offer this kind of service. Also, I told them that in our messages I have repeatedly mentioned that the bags sold to me are NOT authentic and the seller has NOT DISPUTED this once.

    I really dont know what to do.. Please help!!!
  2. You can have Caroldiva write a letter disproving the authenticity of the 2 bags. Contact her and send her evidence via photos. It will cost you money out-of-pocket to have this done, but it's better than losing the money for the 2 bags.

    The seller (when she was willing to accept a refund) was actually correct. You have to send her bags back to her before she'd even consider issuing a refund. No one would give someone a refund if merchandise isn't returned, regardless if it's fake. She'll want to put it back on ebay and sell it, after all. :rolleyes:

    After securing the letter from Caroldiva, submit that to paypal. Paypal will side in your favor.
  3. OP, so sorry that you have to go through this.
  4. Didn't you posted to the Chanel forum that two bags you received are not the ones auctioned? The girls at the Chanel forum said autthentic and upon receipt, it clearly was bait and switch from my understanding from your recent post to that forum.
  5. Did you tell PayPal that the Seller agreed to the refund? If she agreed, PP's role should be limited to making sure that the return/refund go properly and not necessarily going to the underlying issue of authenticity. Check and see if Seller agreed to a refund on a message in the eBay system and, if so, point that out to PP.

    Seller is correct that you will have to return the purses before she is obligated to refund you. Make sure that you send them fully insured and with tracking. I also get signature on delivery.

    I agree that it is annoying to have to pay the postage when fakes are sent, but I'd rather lose the money on postage than be stuck with two fake bags...ugh...

    Good luck!
  6. OP - If all fails and the seller is unwilling to work with you, you will need a letter for Paypal. Either Caroldiva or Etinceler Authentications can write the letters acceptable to Paypal. I had Carol write up a letter for my fake Louis Vuitton bag. My friend was on the same boat with her fake Chanel bag and used Etinceler Authentications to write up her letter. Many lucks to you.
  7. Remember that when you send them back you will want to get online tracking and SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION upon delivery. Pay Pal will require that for any item over $250.00 US and you don't want this seller getting out of refunding you on a technicality.

    Good luck. :smile:
  8. Open a Paypal case, get an authenticator to write the letter, you will definitely win!!
  9. thank you all so much!

    @luv2shoppe4fun, yupp i'm referring to the same thing. she posted up pictures of authentic bags which i got authenticated at the chanel site, but sent me completely different ones.

    @wantitall, @luv2shoppe4fun, i will most probably be using one of the 2 authenticators you guys suggested.

    @misspiggy_07,@marie-lou : thanks so much for your concern, hope no one else ever has to go through it!

    @Luvbolide, @Apricot Summers, thanks so much girls! i never knew all the stuff about the shipping and how signature confirmation was needed
  10. The buyer pays the return shipping, not the seller.

    If you haven't, you need to include in your dispute/claim that the seller had agreed to a refund and that the conflict involved the shipping fee.
  11. It's pretty standard that the seller has to receive the goods before issuing the refund. Good luck!
  12. I purchased a pair of Louboutins on Ebay for the 1st time...FAKE! Ebay payed for the return shipping and I am still waiting for my refund that also includes shipping I paid for. :shrugs:
  13. ^ Sometimes eBay does that, but those are exceptions. Generally speaking, according to eBay/PP's own rules, the buyer pays for the return shipping. I was just informing the OP of standard procedure, as she seemed to be unaware of it. IMO, however, it never hurts to ask eBay for a return shipping label... :yes:
  14. Do you think you could claim this as a SNAD instead? That way you wouldn't have to deal with paying for and getting the authentication letters. I'm not familiar with chanel, but are the serial codes different from the ones in her listing? If you can prove that you could probably prove that they were not the purses she described in her listing. Also is there any material on the purses that isn't the same? (i.e. fake leather, cheap stitching coming loose etc) I think sometimes it's easier to claim that way...just something to think about before you cough up the money for letters on top of shipping back etc.