Seller posted authentic and try to send me fake

  1. I recenty bid and won a brown/brown cherry blossom pochette cles at a really low price. The picture looked great and just before the end of auction, she emails me to tell me she posted the wrong picture of the pochette cles that was listed. I didn't read the email until much later on that evening. She said that she would send me the picture of the one that I would be getting. Anyways, this one that I am suppose to be getting looks fake. I already have several of this pochette cles so I know that on the bottom brass corner, on one side it is just a plain round dot on it and in the pic. it says LV on the the dot and so the vachetta looks too glossy and the red on the edging is too bright red.

    I will try to post a pic later but I think because the auction ended at such a low price, she is trying to swtich on me. I am so pist.
  2. stop payment and tell her that wasn't the item you bid on. Ask for your refund and if she doesn't refund your money report her to eBay and paypal
  3. That's a NASTY trick! :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
    An "Oops, I listed the wrong picture!" is no excuse! :blah:
  4. SNAD significantly not as described...not the same item. That old chestnut...why did she tell you? They usually send out the wrong one and pretend its the same. Did you pay by credit card. If you have no luck with Paypal, you coud contact them to cancel. Sorry this happened to you
  5. I think the adage "if its too good to be true it probably is" was coined with eBay in mind.
  6. how horrible. sellers like this have ruined eBay.
  7. so sorry.. folllow the instruction fellow tpf tell ya...let us knwo who it ends..:tup:
  8. I'm still dealing with one of these type issues from the end of December. Didn't get what was in the photo on the auction, I got a fake from China.
    Do whatever you can to stop the process now, including calling your cc company to reverse the charges. I used my bank account with Paypal so it's been a fight to get my money back.
    Next time I give anyone $1000.00 on ebay, I'll use my credit card so I have protection!
  9. Thank goodness that I was out all day and didn't pay her until I received that "so call phoney being nice" email from her. She wrote to me right after the end of auction that she did not realize that (after 6 days) that she posted the wrong pic of the coin wallet because she was in a super rush to go out that day (so why post it then???). Anyways, the picture in the auction is not the one I won but she will send me a brand new one with the flower arrangement slightly different. The original auction was suppose to be slightly used. She didn't want me upset if I received something different so she just wanted to let me know. I asked her to send me a pic. Since I already own several of this particular wallet I know exactly what details are on it. She sends me a pic of a FAKE one. I immediately told her that it looks fake and she said she doesn't think so because it looks just like her purse.

    To make a long story short, since the bid probably didn't get to the price she wanted, she tried to trick me into sending me a fake one. Or if I was someone who couldn't tell between auth or fake then I would of gotten scammed. What a beeotch! I hope what goes around will come around for her.

    I will try to post the pic she sent me.
  10. Can we say EW? She's obviously pulling a trick on you. People these days :tdown: