Seller policy???? Useless

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  1. Why do you need seller policy, such as "no refunds, all sales are final, refunds for authenticity issues only" if they can always claim w/ paypal.

    I'm a fair and honest seller, let's say if i make a listing error or forget to mention major flaw of the bag ,I can always work something w/ buyer. And if they still want to return it, that's fine.

    But as you know that there are so many picky and particular who cannot accept small flaws of a used bag. They just have different expectations.
  2. i still have my return policy... only if any flaw that i didnt disclose or authenticity matters- all my items are authentic- and i take at least- at least 20 pics if not more. i also say that do not make any knind of assumption- ASK QUESTION.
    anyways,i wish that i know how to disable the auto check out by ebay. so i have to send buyer the invoice or they cant pay. i my invoice i will state everything again as the listing.
    i dont know if it helps, but i feel more secure- i can sleep better at night

    and from what i've experience, EBAY RETURN POLICY is 0.00 to paypal
  3. To deter rookie ebayers from defaulting :P