Seller opened non-paying dispute against me!

  1. How would you handle this? I won a set of Venetian glassware on the first of July. The seller is based in the U.S and I reside in Canada. Seller requests in auction that buyers from outside of U.S must contact them for a shipping quote and total amount to be paid, which I did, FOUR times! I never did receive a return email and seller has now opened a dispute against me yet still has not given me quote for shipping to Canada! How do I handle this beyond the obvious email sent to the seller depicting the aforementioned events. I dont want a non-paying strike when there is no way I can pay in the first place!:sad:

  2. I would reply in the non paying bidder response form that you tried to request a shipping quote 4 times as per her auction's instructions..
  3. Try above - and if no response yet then go to eBay live help.
    Don't worry - this non-payment thing does nothing against you on your eBay 'record'
  4. you can request the sellers contact info from eBay and try calling them...
  5. I would respond with exactly what you said (in the dispute). That seems a bit unfair of that seller.
  6. has she sent you an invoice at all? it is possible the email address on ebay isn't valid anymore. try calling her or contacting her via paypal.
  7. Yeah, do try that.
    I once contacted a seller every day for a week asking for instructions on how to mail my payment to them with no response. I got a negative comment from them 2 MONTHS later saying I was a deadbeat bidder. Um no.
    Anyway they were a crappy seller anyway and ended up having about 200 negatives of their own before they went NARU. My negative was taken off my profile though thank goodness.