Seller only accepts PP if under a certain amt. Against policy?

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  1. I would assume it is, and I can't get live help to open on my PC. They only accept PP if under 400, e check if 600 and like wire transfer if over 600. Bunch of BS if you ask me. Ebay's policy example of violations was "only accept PP if OVER $15" but I figure it works both ways. Too bad, I'd like to bid but not if I can't pay with PP. :tdown:
  2. I think sellers can do whatever they like in terms of accepting paypal. If I were you I would contact the seller and explain your circumstances. They do want to sell the item, after all, and you may find an agreement good for both of you
  3. I have never heard of such a thing, except in the HIGH ranges (like $5k+, because PayPal does limit how much you can receive, I believe).

    I would report this to eBay, as well as contact the seller for a valid explanation.

  4. No, they can't. Such as only accepting e checks, and not CC. If a seller accepts PP they have to accept ALL forms of PP. Which is why I'm thinking it's against TOS to limit, unless those limits were imposed by paypal themselves (such in really high dollar amounts)

    And it looks like it's one of those drop of sites sellers and not a personal seller, you think they'd know better.
  5. ^ I agree, I believe it is against the policy.
  6. Actually sellers can block echecks, it is allowed and is even a preference in paypal. The simple solution is that if they sell an item starting over $400, they cant have the pp logo in their auction. If they do, they have to accept it.

    It seems like this would be sort of contrary to a seller's interests, if I saw that I can't use paypal for an item OVER $400, I am going to stop bidding at 400, KWIM?
  7. Absloutely it is against ebay policy.

    If a seller states in their listing they accept Paypal. That's it.
  8. I have seen sellers state they ONLY allow e-checks to get around the higher fees associated with CC payments. This is against ebay rules as well.