seller omlax on ebay?

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  1. hi,
    does anyone know anything about this seller Omlax on ebay? i'm interested in his bags/ just want to see if he is legit?thanks
  2. you can check toolhaus to look at his feedback....he has some negatives....I guess it really depends how badly you want the bag...he has over 1000 FB with some negatives even in the last two weeks...check toolhaus and then you can make an informed decision...the one good thing about ebay is that they usually side with the buyer so if you do buy a bag that is not as described you can file a SNAD....hopefully it would not get to that point though...:P
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    IMHO that is a lot of negative feedback. He doesn't seem to describe things well. Have anything authenticated first and read through his feedback.
  4. I have never dealt with this person.

    However, in his description of the TW, he says not to question authenticity as it has already been proved. But, he doesn't show the back of the zipper or refer to it and that low price even for a used TW is a show stopper for me. You can't buy them from the showroom for that price.