Seller of my Fendi friends with Fake MJ Seller, Joined in on e-mails!!! ???

  1. Okay so I had a bag by "Marc Jacobs" for a while, from eBay, without really using it much at all, then I finally got my dream Marc Jacobs, and I was going to sell the other one, so I had it authenticated via My Poupette, had to ship it because of my EHH photos.

    I got an e-mail from them saying the bag was a replica and I was SOO upset.

    Among other things, I contacted the seller to let her know that I now know this, and she insisted it was authentic and to give my name to the boutique in Boston.

    I use Gmail and suddenly I got an e-mail from SOMEONE ELSE in the conversation, I thought she was saying she got a fake bag from the seller but NO it was the seller of my Fendi Chef that the Fendi ladies authenticated for me here on tPF (found authentic)!!!!!

    It's PinchRosemary.

    She meant to send it to my seller and was asking if "her customer" was being nice (I wasn't exactly being mean at all, actually).

    Now she told me to take it to Marc Jacobs because she somehow knows the MJ is authentic.

    She wants me to call her??

    I'm so confused! Her e-mails are grouped with the other seller's.

    WHAT??????? :confused1:
  2. I'm confused myself. I don't really understand what you're saying.
  3. Okay, we should start at the beginning, when did I lose you?
  4. Maybe they are the same person? Some people use separate IDs for selling different things on eBay, and all their emails get filtered to the same place. That's the only thing I can think of.
  5. I can't tell who is who is your story. Is this what you are saying:

    1. You bought an MJ on eBay and decided to sell it because you found another you liked better.
    2. The one you were selling was authenticated by My Poupette.
    3. You sold it, but the buyer said it was a fake.
    4. You contacted the person who sold it to you.
    5. The person who sold it you said you should take it to the boutique in Boston and to give them her (the seller's) name.
    6. And then you got an e-mail from someone else you'd bought from? (I really got lost here).
  6. Hmmm... sometimes I hate how gmail groups emails with the same title together, it gets so confusing!

    Anyhow. It could be that the two sellers (the person who sold you the MJ and this pinchrosemary) are the same person... or the person who sold you the MJ bought it from this pinchrosemary, and so when you complained to your seller, she complained to pr...?
  7. That is what I got from the this right?
  8. oops, I went back and read the original post and I see I was completely off the mark on the chain of occurances. The other posters are probably right -- the two sellers may be the same person. If you paid by paypal, you could see if the paypal addresses match.
  9. oups - strange, I reckon the others are right and they might be linked or the same person.

    I remember another thread where an ebay seller got involved in the conversation - and I think it was PinchRosemary, right??? why don't you just PM her and ask how she is involved?

    HOpe you clear this up, and sorry about the fake bag, this big time SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just got a fake bag, and I am so tired of these situations.
  10. I went away from this thread because the SP didn't understand and no one understands and that's bothered me because I had trouble since I was young. Social anxiety problems there. But I need to talk about this.

    Ok, no that's wrong...

    1. I bought an MJ in July, found one I liked better in January, I decided to sell the bag a while ago, but not 'til January came anyway.
    2. I knew I should get it authenticated before I sold it. So I sent photos, then the bag, to My Poupette. (Funny I originally told MY buyer it was fake, but she convinced me. Oii.)
    3. I bought a Fendi Chef on eBay, but the leather felt fake, so I waited for my new camera to arrive and had it authenticated here. (It was found auth.) THAT seller was PinchRosemary. (I put in feedback it checked auth and I would sew the tear in the lining. Anyway, I'm trailing off topic now..)
    4. I got an e-mail from My Poupette saying the bag was fake. I didn't believe them and got upset, asking on here if they are ever wrong, and wanting to wait to get the bag to take it to the MJ Boutique in Boston.
    5. I didn't even post it in the Authenticate This thread, because I still didn't have the bag to take photos, but I did post old photos and someone right away told me one sign it was fake (I've since learned one other).
    6. Then I believed it and got more upset and wrote the seller (Charlene).
    7. She wrote back saying it was authentic and to give her name to Marc Jacobs and they'd confirm she'd bought it.
    8. Suddenly I get another e-mail from PINCHROSEMARY. I realized later from the wording is she is friends with the MJ seller and was asking her how her buyer thinking her bag was fake was going.
    9. I, thinking she was ANOTHER BUYER who got ANOTHER FAKE, wrote back telling her she wrote to the wrong person. I didn't get it < confused.
    10. She wrote back saying I should get it authenticated at Marc Jacobs, and tried to assure me the bag was authentic. Like she can know?? She also told me to call her. THEN I realized by her signature who she was.

    And that's where I left it, with my head spinning. Well, then I posted here in such a state, so no wonder I made no sense. Phew - it's not ME it's the mental state - which OF COURSE I was in a BAD one. Hah.

    No, I would never sell a fake or not get a bag like this (big designer) from eBay authenticated first (like I can tell most COACH on my own as well as an employee, but not as much with most other styles from designers). I didn't even think it was fake at all, so I was extremely shocked.
  11. Oh Ok! I will look into it. BRB!

    They really appear to be completely different people, although I cannot find an address for Charlene. The Fendi seller/other e-mailer is Melanie.
  12. DE, I responded to your authentication question in the MJ auth thread... MJ quilted denim bags did NOT have antiqued hardware. Please follow up there.