seller nyfashionexpert...legit?

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  1. Asking for someone else...can't seem to find much on this seller...any info? Thank you,
  2. I don't know but they are not onthe reputable seller list. To be safe . . . I stick with that list
  3. I wish our list was even more exhaustive shoes. But I just don't know this seller- I would do a search in other subforums to see what you can find out and just wait- someone here will have something to add about this seller.

    PS- what are you contemplating now????
  4. I swear it's not me! But another gal from another board and I figured we would have info....but don't....
  5. i just figured you were up to no good again! LOL!
  6. well I am but not to do with this lol!
  7. LOL!!! You always have something fabulous in the works! Tell Lois I said hi!
  8. I think someone I know bought a chanel bag from her ages ago, and it was legit. What's the bag she's interested in? Post a pic, and we can take a look. I'm sure Greentea or one of the others would surely know...
  9. I actually don't know which bag...or I would! I was assuming we would have info here since there's always someone who seems to know...
  10. She's legit. Someone on this board bought a beautiful Rouge Vif Croc from her.
  11. Have to admit the outside of their bags look very impressive, the inside however, is a different story. The stitches are a dead giveaway specially on the light colored crocs. Also, they make their birkins sales "private" why? ....yes I know to protect the buyer, so the other buyers are not worthy of privacy only the birkin buyers???????????? I saw one of their croc birkins and in my opinion is fake.:nuts: sorry, probably not what you want to hear....but there you have it. On the other hand I think they mix fakes with authentics because some of the bags do look authentic, specially the new rose drage which he/she calls pink dragee.:shrugs:
  12. ^^ Do you have a bone to pick with this seller? I think you are only worthy of your comments if you have personal experience with this seller or that you have friends who have personal experience with this seller. If not, I really don't think it's fair of you to cast judgement. And I hope you are not a eBay seller yourself. :sad:
  13. ^My thoughts exactly Mrs S!
  14. I've been trying to ask the same thing quite a few times myself, on multiple threads. Somehow my questions were overlooked.:s
  15. Well I just found this thread again if birkin101, my only advice is that there are a lot of known sellers - and with such high prices I would feel more comfortable with what is known...just my thoughts of course...was there something in particular you were looking at? Maybe we could help?
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