Seller now wants $100.00 more to ship my Mizi Vienna!!

  1. Hi everyone, Sorry that this is soooo long. I bought the Louis Vuitton Mizi Vienna the other day.:smile: A few days after the auction the seller told me that she was shipping my handbag. Today I got an email from her saying that insuring it was more than she thought. Now she wants another 80 euros which is about $101.00.:wtf: She said as soon as she receives the money she will ship it. Can she do that? I called ebay and they said that in the auction she didn't even offer insurance. They said that we have a contract that does not require me to pay her more for shipping. They pretty much said that I could get my money back if she doesn't ship it for the original agreement. I really want this bag. I was thinking of offering her a reasonable amount like $40.00 more. Has this happened to anyone? Can you suggest what I should do. Thanks so much
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  2. Tell her that it was her responsibility to research the cost of shipping/insurance before she gave you the rate and you are not responsible for any extra fees that she incurred. You should not have to pay ANY extra fees!

    Hmm it says the listing has been removed =/
  3. moulin! the auction is removed

    i hope you didn't send her your money yet, i don't know but it smells fishy to me
  4. That's complete BS. She can't ask you for more money after auction end & after you have already paid! It's her responsibility & if she didn't charge enough for shipping/insurance, then it should come out of her pocket. I've accidentally undercharged before & I paid the difference out of my pocket. It was my mistake. An extra $100 just for insurance seems like gouging to me. I shipped a $2,000 Fendi Spy bag to the UK from the US for $70 (Shipping & full coverage insurance included..)

    You could tell her that you are not obligated to pay any more shipping costs than what was stated in the auction & that you have contaced Ebay & they agree. You could offer to pay the $40 to help her out but by no means are you obligated to do that. If she has a lick of common sense, she will agree to your nice offer. If she wants to be crappy about it, I would file a report with Ebay. You might not get your bag at that point but frankly, I wouldn't deal with someone who trys to pull a fast one on me. Good luck!
  5. I did send her the money. I sent it thru Paypal using a credit card. I just noticed that the auction was removed too! Do you think ebay removed it because I asked a question regarding the auction?
  6. Hmmm.. that's weird. You could contact Ebay & ask why the listing was removed.. If you cut & paste the auction # in the search box, the listing still pulls up though.
  7. Oh my...I really hope this works out for you moulinrouge!

    The Mizi Vienna is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
  8. if the auction said nothing about insurance, did you ask for it, or did she then decide to insure it after she sent you the invoice with the stated amount after the auction. she should have included the cost of insurance if she was going to offer it. is there anyway you can check the actual insurance cost?
    hope it works out for you.
  9. In the auction it states shipping is 10GBP. I would think it would probably cost about $60 usd including insurance if she is sending it international.
  10. Hope it works out,I would have been extremely leary of this seller from the start,8 negitives in a year and 3 quite recent:wtf: .
  11. I dont know what to say to all this except I really hope it works out for you. There have been times when I under estimated insurance or shipping since I always just do a flat rate, but I would NEVER think of asking the buyer for it. Its just part of doing business. Sometimes we make errors but I would never pass my error onto my buyers ever. I hope you can get a hold of someone at ebay and get some assistance on this! Your seller needs to eat the extra cost and ship your bag. She's violating your contract. Yet another seller to add to my **** list. I hope it works out for you. Keep us posted! Hugs!
  12. Shanam, She never said anything about insurance before. After the auction I paid thru Paypal, then the next day she sent an email saying that she was shipping my handbag. I was very surprised when I got an email from her today saying:

    Dear Madam,
    We tried to post your LV bag for you yesterday. Because it's a very expensive item, the insurance come back from post office is quite high. The total amount for the postage is £80.00 pounds(which covers for £1000.00 worth), unfortunatly, the postage you have paid for us is not sufficient. Can you send us the rest of the postage, and we can arrange the parcle for you as soon as possible. Really sorry about this, and we are looking forward to receiving your reply.
  13. I looked up currency converter and did it all wrong. I thought that she wanted 80 euros which is about $101.00 She wants british pounds which is about $152.00 to ship the handbag.:wtf: :wtf: