Seller not responding to my e-mails?

  1. Okay so I won an auction using Buy It Now, and usually I pay for items right then, but this time I had to wait for the seller to add insurance to the invoice before I paid. So I sent her an email to request the total with insurance added. She sent me an invoice without insurance added. So I waited a few hours thinking maybe she sent that invoice before she got my email. Well...nothing. So I emailed her again asking for the total with insurance and I also asked her a question about the bag in the email. This was on Sunday afternoon. As of right now, I still haven't heard anything so I sent her another e-mail basically repeating what I had already said before. I'm not trying to be pushy, but in the auction listing it says the item must be paid for within 3 days and I'm trying to pay but I can't get an answer from her.

    Is this normal? I don't buy a lot on eBay and I guess I've been lucky so far to have dealt with sellers who had great communication. I'm excited to get this purse, and if I could have paid for it on Sunday, I'd probably have it in a day or two. And, I also think it's just plain RUDE not to answer emails.

    What should I do???:shrugs:
  2. Insurance may already be included in the price of shipping. Insurance protects the seller not the buyer. As a buyer as long as I pay through paypal I never purchase insurance because it doesn't matter, the seller is responsible for getting the item to me in the condition it was described or else I can file a claim with paypal.
  3. hmmmm, if you pay without a specific amount included for insurance, then the seller might be able to say that you declined insurance. I think if you have emailed a couple times already, and maybe another couple before the 3 day limit, then that is all you can do. I would keep trying. And be sure to keep copies of your emails.
  4. It doesn't matter, it is the sellers responsibility to get the item to her as described. All the sellers who state in their auctions "not responsible for items after they ship" are out of luck if the item is lost or damaged and the buyer paid with paypal.

    As a seller I always buy insurance, as a buyer I never do as long as I pay through paypal.
  5. Well I planned on paying through paypal, but now that the seller won't answer my emails should I just go ahead and pay or should I wait. I just don't understand why she won't respond. It makes me nervous to send her the money without hearing from her, but I really want the purse. I'm so confused and upset about this.
  6. Hi Katielady, if you are worried you can request more detailed contact information from eBay, and give the seller a phone call before paying. It may be worth it to avoid any hassle if you do not receive your item. Your information would be emailed to the seller too, so bear that in mind if that could be a concern.

    The link is:

    eBay recommends asking for this information if you cannot get a reply via email after winning an auction. I called a seller once when my parcel was mistakenly posted to Austria (I'm in Australia :shrugs:). I felt quite awkward calling a stranger, but it was better than being stressed!
  7. Thanks for the advice little peanut. The seller FINALLY emailed me last night and said she'd sent 2 invoices. I never received them, but she sent me another one so I think everything is fine now. Though she never did apologize for being MIA for 3 days. Guess she wasn't too concerned. Hopefully everything turns out fine.
  8. Yes count yourself lucky if they don't charge you for insurance because you are covered just the same whether you pay for it or not. Same goes for if you agree to be responsible in any kind of email, the seller is still responsible.