Seller not responding to emails...

  1. Hi everybody,
    I need advice...
    I purchased a set of brand new Mizuno Iron steel shaft from a seller with no selling history,
    and her payment options were only Cashier's check or money order.
    I sent the cashier's check the next day after I won the set.
    She should have received the check yesterday but somehow she has never replied to any of my mails...
    I have not recieved any mail from her not one.
    Should I be worried?
    Can I stop a cashier's check from being cashed?
    Should I stop it from being cashed?
    The only insurance I have from ebay I think is $200-25 for processing.
    So I'd be loosing alot the set were $600.
    This is the last letter I sent her...
    Hi again Karen, 
    I'm sorry if I mail you often... 
    But you do need to reply, 
    You do not have selling history that I can check, and you did not offer 
    Paypal for payment options,which leaves me with no insurance for my purchase. 
    Kindly acknowledge my mail. 
    Give me some information... 
    Did you receive my mails? 
    Did you get the check? 
    if you did, when will you ship the items? 
    Please provide me with a tracking number. 
    I do hope we could have a pleasant business together. 
    Could someone advise me please...:s
  2. ^^ I would give her the benefit of the doubt if her positive feedback shows that she has been a honest seller in the past.

    There are reasons why she may not be answering her emails:

    I have noticed that a lot of email servers' spam filters are deleting emails before they reach the target inbox. Also, she could be out of town on business, pleasure or emergency.

    I would not start panicing until you know that there is a reason to.

    Try contacting her directly thru eBay and also thru the email address provided to you with the eBay end of auction information. You can also search for her bidding history or feedback left to see if she has been active on eBay the past few days. Good luck!

    Keep in mind that some people are not good at responding to email and you may not "hear" anything from her until you get your merchandise.

    I bet there is a way that you can monitor the money order to see if it has been cashed.
  3. Thanks NVMyLV!
    She only have 37 reviews from sellers and her last purchase was in 2003 all positive.
    No review from buyers. I think its the first time she sold items in ebay.
    She has 1 auction active at the moment.
    I guess I'm just not used to a seller that totally does not communicate.
    and I'm getting paranoid from reading about all those who got scammed at ebay...
    I just hope she's an honest person.
  4. I'm worried for you. The last transaction was in 2003? And now rather than buying, she's selling? And only accepting cashier's check or money order? I'm concerned it may be a hijacked account. Most sellers use Paypal. With a credit card you would be protected. Did the auction say anything about how or when the clubs would ship? I don't know how long you should wait before pursuing this with eBay. What is her location? Just so many red flags, but I'm super-careful by nature. Good luck.
  5. Thanks boxermom,
    I am worried too...:s
    auction says will ship UPS ground did not say when.
    location is Torrance California.
    I will wait tomorow and hopefully she will respond to my last email.
  6. Sarsi, let us know if you hear from the seller. In my experience, most (not all) sellers let you know when they ship your item. I hope she has shipped and it just is taking time to arrive.
  7. Hi,
    I got an email from the seller last night!
    a reply from the last email I sent her.
    But what still worries me is that she did not reply using the ebay reply button.
    She replied with the yahoo mail with my email from ebay attached.:confused1:
    Anyway... there is nothing I can do for now but wait...
    No tracking # yet...
    I just gotta hope that she's legit and does send me the set.
  8. It's better than nothing, but not much. Talk about poor communication! I'd be confused, too, about the way she replied and not mentioning why she didn't reply before this.

    I hope you are saving all e-mails and info from this transaction, in case the clubs don't arrive.
  9. I am saving them... thanks for the support... it sure helps!:flowers:

    but still if I got scammed... I'd only be getting $175 back from ebay...
    :hysteric: I should have just gotten another bag!
  10. Hey, Sarsi--Did the seller ever send you a tracking number for shipping the clubs? Still thinking about you and hoping for the best.
  11. Nope... not yet... still hoping...
    and nothing I can do till there's enough time of waiting for me to file a dispute on ebay...
    But still hoping the seller will deliver...