Seller Not Responding to Emails

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  1. I want to bid on a particular Coach handbag and have sent several emails regarding getting information about on it. This seller shows that they have only sold seven other Coach handbags in the past since Nov 09.
  2. Well, subjectively 7 Coach bags could be a lot in the last few months if they are not a power seller. Perhaps the seller is only selling Coach bags from their own personal collection. I myself only sell things that I don't want/need anymore; I never sell on eBay in volume or for large profit. The number of bags this person has sold is not necessarily an indication of something being wrong.

    This being said, if you are uncomfortable with the fact that the seller will not respond, then simply don't bid.
  3. I would be more concerned about the lack of communication than I would about them not having sold much bags. There are many sellers on Ebay that just sell occasionally, me being one of them. I wouldn't bid unless they respond back to you though, it's never a good sign if a seller will not respond.

  4. I would NEVER buy from anyone who can't take the time out to answer my questions. If you think the communication is bad now, it would be worse if you had already purchased the item and the seller wouldn't respond so, consider yourself lucky that you found out before you were out money.
    I can guarantee that you will be able to find the Coach item you want from another seller. There are VERY few Coach bags that are truely rare and with ebay having thousands of Coach listings everyday, i'm sure you will find what you are looking for with no problems.

    PS: there is a thread in the Coach subforum where if you are looking for a specific Coach item, you can post a pic or style number ( or even a description ), how much you are willing to pay, etc. and more often than not, someone will respond and give you a heads up on where to find that item.
  5. If some time (a day or two) has elapsed since you wrote the seller, and you have not received a reply, IMHO you need to forget about the item, and look for another one from another seller. As mentioned by others, if the seller is this disinterested in you now (before getting your money :smile: ), how disinterested might they be when you are the winning bidder?

    Seriously, bad communication before the sale indicates all kinds of potential problems AFTER the sale, y'know? I recently FORCED myself to walk away from an auction for an item that I really REALLY wanted, because the stupid seller would not answer the most basic of questions.