Seller not responding + item not recieved (yet)

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  1. I bid on a bag and won it. Before this I had asked the seller if she would ship to my location and for how much, she confirmed she would for 40 dollars. So I bid and won. We had agreed I would pay a couple of days later and I did the exact date stated. Payed the amount including the $ 40 for s&h by PayPal and included a little message to her asking how it would be shipped. I immidiatly got a + feedback saying thanks for fast payment etc. A friend of mine bought a same size/brand bag from the US a few weeks ago, payed $ 35 shipping and got it in a couple of days by UPS express so I thought I'd suggest that but never heard from her. I waited a week - checked her profile and saw that she had been online leaving feedback for others, so I wrote another message asking her if she had recieved my messages and if we could discuss shipping. No answer. Waited 3 more days, wrote another message and now it has been another 3 days and still no answers. She's online leaving feedback for others every day. She has 2183 positive feedback (Positive Feedback: 99.7%)
    and only 6 neg ones and sells high end items all the time.

    The 6 negative ones says things like: Got + feedback but never recieved item, never recieved item and no response, very poor communicator, did not reply to any e-mails, never recieved and no refund.
    ^ which is exactly what I am going through. However with the more than 2000 pos. ones I thought I'd be okay. I'm just so mad!

    How to I get ebay to send me her contact details? I do not have her email-adress and I'd like to send her an e-mail not just messages through e-bay.

    I'd also like to tell her that if I don't hear from her or recieve the item I will report fraud, but I'm not sure on what to do or what to tell her - could anyone please help me compose a message or help me out.. what should I do?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. whats her user id?
  3. Sorry you're going through this.

    You actually already have her email. Any message that you receive from a seller that you've transacted with, can't hide their email from you. It's in your email account. Log in to your email account, and click respond to one of their messages. You should see their email address.

    To get her contact details, at the top of any ebay window you'll see the "advance search" option. Click on that. On the left of the screen, there should be an option to "Find contact information". You'll need the sellers id and auction number. This option will only work for sellers you've transacted with.

    Here's the link:

    eBay Search: Find Contact Information

    Good luck!
  4. Is it okay for me to post it here?
    Just want to be sure!

    leanbeanee: thanks a lot for the help!!

    Any idea on what I should write her? What kind of actions should I "threathen" her with - in a polite way still reporting fraud, file a complain with paypal. I'm not sure how I should write this as English isn't my first language..
  5. International delivery could take a while. Did she tell you what delivery method she would be using? She could be sending it normal airmail, which means it could take a few weeks - especially now during Christmas.

    I would say give it a few more days coz it sounds like it's only been a week? I just find it extremely rude of her not to be answering your emails. Did you pay with your credit card via Paypal? If so, tell her you'll file a "item not received" dispute soon if she doesn't reply.
  6. It has been almost two weeks! I bought this item on Nov 28, paid before Dec 1st. I am patient regarding international shipping, the only reason I'm freaking out is that I have not heard from her at all since I payed, now two weeks ago. Not a word. Before I won she said it would be shipped by "trackable shipping" at 40 dollars cost. At 40 dollars I think it should be shipped express & trackable and within a week at least, as my friend got her bag shipped by UPS Express for $ 35 and got it in 2 days. I payed $ 40 and have waited 2 weeks already. I can accept waiting more but I'd like to know if it has been shipped at all! I will of course wait more than 2 weeks, but she is not answering regarding if it has been shipped and how - and that is what's making me nervous. She could at least tell me if it has been shipped, how (she told me before I won that it would be trackable so I'd like a tracking number) and if it hasn't been shipped than I'd like just a quick statement on when it will be shipped or something.. Just ignoring my simple questions for 2 weeks is so rude!

    yes I payed credit card via PayPal - so I will do that if I don't hear from her within a week or so, I think 3 weeks without answering my messages is enough, and within the 30 days rule of Paypal, right?
  7. File an Item Not Received through PayPal today-that will get her attention-it's what worked for me recently with an AWOL seller. Never mind that you can't read her mind, it's been more than 10 days and you can file-I'll bet you hear from her then-good luck!
  8. Thanks for helping me out!! I will do that tomorrow if she still hasn't answered. I just sent her an e-mail. Did it work out okay in the end for you?
  9. Glad to hear you used a credit card. If the deal does not go through with this seller be sure you notify your credit card company to get your money back.
    Some sellers communicate nicely; others don't and that's a bummer. Seems like yours falls into the latter category, unfortunately. Since you really like the bag, I hope it all works out for you.
  10. This auction was the first time I ever filed a PayPal dispute in my entire ebay history-and it was for a little item that someone I love collects. The picture on the auction stated I would get a similar one-I emailed seller and asked for description of the "similar one" and she replied within the hour! So I bid and won (only bidder) and paid and then...nothing at all from seller-no invoice, no nothing. So I wrote and asked politely when I could expect it-nothing-so I filed on the 10th day and the next day she tell me she "never looks at her ebay mail, it's a scam" which we know is not true, it's the reverse-the package arrived yesterday-I spent $9.00 for shipping (no wiggle room) and package with small metal item arrived with $1.35 postage on it-I apologize, I just realized I should be answering your question-I 100% know if I hadn't opened the dispute I would never have rec'd my item-do the same ASAP, there are time windows involved-thanks for listening!!!!!