seller not answering

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  1. Hey everyone once again a question - I won an auction on eBay and the seller won't get in touch with me. the item should be authentic but now I am having doubts about a little detail. the seller has not answered a question prior to auction end and now after she does not do so either. I sent her messages in both English and her native language... nothing. but answered the request for the total amount including shipping. what to do? thanks

  2. Is it anything that could be authenticated here?
  3. it can but the pictures are not super clear so I didn't post yet :/
  4. well post them anyway because the "experts" may be able to determine if it is
    indeed fake by that detail that is of concern to you

    there is contact info where you can try & call the seller directly..
  5. Yah, you could try to post pics. Seems that seller could be ignoring you. Better ask for more pics than send the payment over. I would risk a strike against me than risk losing $$!:nogood:
  6. Opps, 1 more point.. is the seller from Asia? I would definitely WAIT as there are some Asian countries which is more risky compared to the rest of the world.
  7. Do you have the serial number/code to the purse? You will NOT get a strike against you on EBAY if you can prove that it is a fake:smile:
  8. yes i got the serial number but the pictures are quite blurry. I actually thought by the time the auction is over (9 days) the seller would respond that's why I placed a bid. I know I should have waited but there was no concern at first until I took a closer look.

    the seller is not from Asia. they are from Central Europe.

    the feedback is all positive no one raised an eyebrow yet so apparently the stuff they re selling is authentic but must not be who knows

    it's just strange a more than hundred feedback seller and no answer
  9. Have you paid for this item?? If you haven't, I probably might think about a NPB strike
    as since the communication from the seller is not great, if you should have
    a problem, you'll be frustrated not hearing back..
  10. If I were you and would not get a response, I would try backing out of the deal really... I'm a seller and I religiously answer all questions, and online retailers really insist on the importance of giving and getting feedback... Best of luck!!
  11. The right thing to do would be to pay, unless you have actual evidence that the item is fake.

    Maybe when you asked the question and then put in a bid, the seller figured you no longer needed a response. How long has it been since you asked your question after the auction ended?
  12. I think I sent 10 messages with questions already-
    one message before the auction (7 days in advance). I guess no one bid on the item because of the sellers lack of correspondence. I know it was not very clever to bid on it, but I thought the seller will get back to me anyways.
    So now that the auction is over I sent polite messages asking for more pictures just to be sure so there is no problem after I paid (as the bag is stated as authentic) and I am willing to pay immediately after I got a response. The strange thing is when I requested the shipping fees I immediately got a response - so the seller must obviously see it or is there a chance that a sellers misses the messages?

    So what to do now? How to cancel the purchase if there is no correspondence?

    I find it strange as a seller who is obviously selling authentic items (some more items in the past and from different designers, didnt sell for the amount I would think they would - maybe because the seller is not responding to questions?) All feedback is positiv buyers obviously seem to be happy and toolhouse didnt say anything negative either.
  13. So I checked the seller's feedback as a buyer and they left feedback for some seller on the 29th. Why the h* is she ignoring my messages then?

  14. Under normal circumstances I do agree.. but these don't seem to normal
    as a matter of fact far from it..

    The OP has sent 10 messages & no response & it has been several days
    since the auction is over.. no response or info about a tracking # or
    shipping info..

    This seller sounds non-communicative with this particular buyer..

    At this point, the seller appears to be in violation for not shipping
    out the item... sellers do have a certain amount of time to ship from end
    of auction..

    The buyer could file against the seller at this time..for not shipping and
    if I was the buyer I would consider this option, to be perfectly honest
  15. I didn't know about the 10 messages when I posted. OP hasn't said that she paid.

    If I were selling an authentic bag and the buyer bombarded me with 9 emails in two languages after the end of the auction I would feel really nervous about the transaction. So maybe if you email one last time and ask to a mutual cancellation, the seller will be more than happy to grant it.

    Good luck.