Seller not answering paypal dispute

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  1. What should I do now? I received a fake LV bag on Wednesday an opened a paypal dispute that day the seller is not responding to the dispute.I had a feeling she was not going to respond. Should I call my cc company first or make a claim through paypal? Will the cc company need proof that it is a fake? I will have to make a claim with paypal because they took $40 out of my paypal account and the rest I put on my credit card. I am so frustrated that this B**** is not responding. I hope she does not think she going to get away with this. I am so mad that eBay does not get rid of all these theives. I am never ever buying another handbag from eBay again. Sorry I just have to vent.
  2. I think you should just escalate to a claim first and see what paypal says. A lot of times paypal wants proof, but LV boutiques will not authenticate it; so depending on what paypal does you can then contact your credit card company. The sellers not responding because she/he knows its fake and really has nothing to say.

    I'm with you!I dont buy bags or anything expensive on eBay! I just dont trust those people anymore.
  3. Well, you can't file the claims simultaneously, but since your payment was split I don't know what you should do. If you file with CC first I don't think you can then file with Paypal, but with the CC you will be out the $40. If you file with Paypal they charge you $20 (I think) and you will be limited to the amount under buyer protection for that seller AND for some if Paypal can't recover the money you don't get it?

    If the claim with Paypal fails however, you could still file with CC after.

    If anyone sees and bad information above please let me know. I haven't had to file a claim previously, just what I recall from the posts.
  4. I rather be out the $40 then $430,maybe if I call me cc company and ask them what I should? This has happened to me before I received a fake Chanel handbag but the girl and I settled it ourselves without involving paypal or the cc company.
  5. If she doesn't respond then Paypal will decide in your favor. I had this happen to me a few years ago with a cell phone. The buyer never sent it to me and never responded on the dispute. I got all of my money back minus the $15 that Paypal charges...
  6. Do I need to wait a few more days to file a claim? I know she is not going to respond to the dispute. I bet she's out there spending my money right now,this makes me so MADDDDDD.
  7. As long as you can file a claim with PP and then go ahead and file a dispute with your CC company if PP does not decide in your favor, I owuld go ahead and do the PP claim first. I have never had to file a claim with PP, but I have done a dispute with my CC...they gave me an instant credit for the charge while they investigated the issue. The seller ended up refunding me so I just cancelled the dispute with the CC company.
  8. I just put a claim in with paypal, lets see what happens. I know I will have to pay mypoupette for a letter a non authenticity that is another $10 hopefully it is only $10,does anyone know how much they charge?
  9. I also just escalated to a claim and seller has not responded. Paypal asked me to get a leeter saying that item is a fake. I have contacted caroldiva for this and then they will refund my money. Good luck
  10. Who is caorldiva?