Seller not answering emails?

  1. I recently bought a dress from a seller with very positive fb. However, I paid immediately and have waited for confirmation of shipping or receipt of payment- anything really from the seller.

    However, I haven't heard anything from the seller and I can see that they have listed new items.

    Whats the deal with this? When I sell on eBay as soon as I receive a payment, at the very least, I write a quick "thanks- will send shipping info asap".

    Why would a seller ignore emails? Are they just to busy?
  2. ^ that happened to me to! Just last friday I won something, paid it right away and waited for some sort of reply.

    I didn't receive anything so I messaged on Wednesday about confirmation. No reply, again I messaged on Thursday, no reply. I emailed and was a bit more firm today and got a reply and all it said was "IT WAS SENT BY USPS 4 DAYS AGO", I thanked them and said I had asked for the tracking # and if they can send it please.

    No reply again. Clearly this person is on their computer a few times a day since they are a powerseller and have several items up for sale on eBay every day, so I don't know what their problem is.
  3. It's so annoying when sellers don't answer their emails. It just shows poor customer service and at the same time disrespectful. You can believe that I will never come back to that seller again. The awful thing is that probably more than 50% of my sellers do that. It's very disappointing.
  4. Have you any way to contact them without using eBay's system? I don't get a LOT of my emails that are sent through eBay until much later--if even at all.

    You could just pull their contact info and give them a call if you want.