Seller not accepting payments???

  1. I've been trying to pay for a item for over a week and I keep on getting a response on paypal saying "This seller cannot currenly receive payments." I have emailed the seller informing them of the situation. The seller responded by saying that their account is fine, that they have received payments from other sellers. I have also paid other sellers with paypal and had no problems. So the seller has now reported to me to eBay saying I have not paid. This is the message that comes up on paypal.

    They are requesting a post office money order. But I don't feel safe sending a money order and never receiving my item. I also use paypal and that is the only way I do business. If a seller won't accept paypal, I won't deal with them. So what should I do? I've contacted paypal and they have not responded in 4 days.
  2. Is your address confirmed?? because sometimes seller block payment from those who's address are not confirmed~
  3. i dont like this sellers attitude... its their account they should be worried and contact paypal about it instead of telling you to pay by MO...i would send them a screenshot showing what comes up when you try to pay and politely ask them to solve their issue with paypal and inform them that this is the only way of payment you are comfortable with. If they still dont help with it, i wouldnt complete the transaction.
  4. I agree. I did send her the message that was poping up and they replied by saying they have recieved payments from other sellers. They also say they have contacted paypal and that there is nothing wrong with their account. That I must pay by money order asap.

  5. Yes my address is confirmed. I've also tried paying from different computers, from school, and from work and I still get the same message. I thought there might be something wrong with my computer.
  6. i wouldnt pay even if i risked a NBP strike. I wouldnt want to deal with such an attitude if there are any further issues with the purchase.:tdown:
  7. Call eBay or go to live help and see what they tell you... Or CALL Paypal and see what they tell YOU. I am a firm believer that they only way to get an answer by either company is by calling them.
  8. Call paypal. Pls. don't send a MO.
  9. Ok, are you trying to use an echeck? There is a setting on PayPal where you can block echeck payments. I ran into that from a buyer once that I had. Also, just copy and paste the message you get into an email and send it to her to prove you have tried to do so. The thing is, IF she lists on her auction that she accepts PayPal and money orders and you end up not paying, she can file an NPB on you stating that there was an alternative method of payment avaliable. Had that one happen to me once too. The thing is, even if you call PayPal, they cannot release any other accounts info to you as that is a private info. It's quite a mess, however if at least you have a record showing the message you are getting eBay may at least look more favorably towards you.
  10. No it's not an echeck. I always do insant transfers. Shopstomuch has a good point she does have both methods as payments. :cursing: Ebay is making me mad.
  11. I can't believe you can get a strike because you won't pay by money order when Ebay tells everyone that it's not safe to pay this way! Ridiculous! I'd take the strike personally.
    I wouldn't believe a seller just because they 'said' their account was fine and that they received other payments if their only solution was to demand a MO instead of trying to contact Paypal to fix the problem.
  12. You NEED to call PayPal. I had a situation with an item not received and PayPal was really happy to help. They deal with scammers all the time... if you get a MO, they could always have someone else cash it and say they didn't receive payment, and scam you that way. I hate dealing with money orders as a seller. I exclusively use paypal and that's why. Please call them ASAP.
  13. PP has been glitchy. I have had all kinds of problems trying to pay - off & on. Try clearing out your cache & history and try again.
  14. That is ussually the message you get when a seller is having "problems".....and paypal has suspended them or froze the account.

    I would only send a money order if it is no more than you are comfortable losing.

    Also, if the listing says he accepts paypal payments he must accept paypal payments, and if he can't you won't get a strike.
  15. I got a STRIKE! :cursing::cursing:
    I am so pissed off. So now what?