Seller No Longer A Registered User?

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  1. HI everyone! I need some help with an eBay situation - I recently purchased a pair of Chanel earrings off eBay from a seller with 100% feedback and everything was fine - she responded to my questions promptly and took extra pictures of the earrings as requested and she even replied to say she'd give me the tracking number once she has sent it out.

    However, a day after I paid for the earrings, I went to click on the auction again and realised that the seller is no longer a registered user on eBay! Needless to say, I'm utterly shocked and now, I'm not sure if I should jump the gun here and file for a claim for my money back with PayPal or if I should wait patiently for a good week or two to see if the earrings do show up (it's coming from the US and I'm in Australia). The seller didn't get back to me on the tracking number either after she said she would, so that's making me a little worried.

    Any advice on how I should go about handling this? I don't want to cause a ruckus if the seller is geniune but I'm just worried that if I wait it out, I wouldn't be able to claim my money back if I don't receive my item!
  2. Hiya,

    I know it's unnerving when a seller becomes NARU (not a registered user). First of all, try to communicate with the seller via email and let the seller know that you wish to hear from them within 24 hours since they are no longer registered with eBay.

    Once the 24 hours have passed and they still did not reply, you may start your claim with PP, if only 7 days have passed since the date of your auction or BIN. You are unable to start a claim before that.

    Good Luck!
  3. The same thing happened to me last month when I did a BIN and paid immediately, then I emailed her to let me know when it'll be shipped. She contacted me right away to let me know when and then 2 days later she's "no longer a registered user". This was the first time that it's ever happened to me! I was shocked at first and then majorly P'D off :cursing:. I contacted her to find out what was going on but she never answered so I filed a dispute with Paypal and escalated it to a claim for a full refund . Ironically, it happened to another PF'er and it was the same seller! Long story short, I got a full refund, seller gave me some BS about having trouble with her account, and she is still "no longer a registered user". I didn't even bother to wait the 7 days because I didn't want her to "disappear" and I'll never see a dime and it wasn't chump change either.
  4. On the other side of it my friend sells alot of stuff on there and she knows that certain sellers keep reporting her to ebay for infringements that are unfounded. They do that because they are power sellers and do not want competition. So ebay finally suspended her until she faxed them all kinds of paperwork. Once she satisfied them then they re-activated her. In your "You Won Item" email from ebay go get the sellers email and send them a message asking whats up. If you dont hear back then file your claim. But lately ebay and paypal have been treating sellers like total crap!!
  5. It's nice to hear everyone's opinions and advice on this. I've already emailed the seller twice but she has pretty much disappeared after being de-registered from eBay. As advised, I've filed a claim with PayPal and strangely, they have allowed me to immediately escalate the dispute? I'm hoping I can recover the money ($200+) but if the seller's account has no money in it, is there any other recourse I can find? I paid using the balance I have in my account so there's no way I could do a chargeback with my credit card company.

    I feel so duped now.
  6. I filed a INR dispute 4 days after an auction and had no problem with Paypal. Then escalated it to a claim and the seller became NRU on ebay.

    I was told by Paypal that they don't realize funds immediately.

  7. you can communicate with her through personal email if you got it.
    Or you can request ebay of her personal information.
    "No longer a registered user" could be that she didn't pay the ebay fee on time, or she sells fakes that got prohibited.
    I think these are the two possibilities....