Seller never response for 10 days

  1. Hi there! i need advices on this. I've sent paypal payment to this seller, and after 2 emails asking whether of the status of the item. She mentioned that she've already sent out, and ask me whether I need the tracking numbers , she would gladly provide them if I want them.

    This is the first time I came across a seller who ask the above question. I dont understand why she cant provide the tracking number straight away instead of asking me whether I need them. Nonetheless, she never replied me after I emailed her that I needed the tracking number. It has been about 10 days.

    I've emailed her the past 2 days about my concern, yet never got any response from her. I've email another ebayer who bought a smiliar item from her, and the other buyer have already got the item. (the other buyer is local postage and mine is international postage) Should i wait or should i file complain to eBay and paypal? this is my first time encounter this... thanks for any advices! :s
  2. If I were you, I would keep email her about this situation. And keep waiting before filed a dispute with paypal. since international post usually take a while to arrive. Keeping my finger crossed for you. Hope you get it soon.
  3. If it's international, I would definitely wait a bit longer. I just had an item take over a month in the mail (I checked the postmark to see when it was mailed) to get from Europe to the US. It normally takes 1/4 of that time. And I'm still waiting (10 days now) for a bag to get here domestic mail from Saks, who I would think would have mailed it right away!
  4. Yeah, I understand the International mail would take a longer time. But, the seller promise for a tracking number and didnt provide one. I am usually not this worried as I can track the item and roughly know the location of where the parcel is. But now, I am worried that I might not even get it as I am not sure whether the seller really sent it. Is there any time limit imposed by eBay and paypal for us to make "unreceived item" complaint or refund? :sad:
    Even if I received the item, i will rate the seller badly on the communications section.
  5. I think it's within 60 days. you can filed the claim. ;)
    Hope the seller get back to you soon. Waiting drive me crazy too.:push: