Seller misrepresenting Marc Jacobs Stella

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    Hi, I originally posted about this auction in the Marc Jacobs authentication thread. Tadpolenyc said that the bag was authentic MJ, and that the bag is NOT the all-leather Stella but in fact the coated canvas/leather handle version of the Stella. The seller has the bag listed as leather and states it in his/her description. But all the pics are obviously NOT all leather Stella.
    Also she states the MSRP is $875, and I don't think the MSRPs for all leather Stellas are that cheap, can any MJ gurus confirm this?

    I asked the seller if possibly she posted the wrong pics in the auction but sent a 1 sentence reply "The bag is indeed all leather." This is obviously bull. I reported her auction, is there anything else I can do? Sellers like her make me sick, because I am looking for an all leather Stella and if her pics weren't as clear and closeup I maybe wouldn't have known the bag is plastic. And the seller doesn't accept returns.

    TIA for any and all advice.
  2. Wow. Everyone is so superhelpful, thanks!
  3. Its nice that you are trying to look out for others, but there is really nothing you can do.
  4. What do you want people to say? You reported, there's nothing else you can do!
  5. If the seller doesn't describe it properly (saying it's leather when it isn't) then they HAVE to take returns. I really don't think there's anything such as a 'no return' policy. Ebay fixed that. All you can do is report it and hope eBay pays attention. Good luck with that, by the way.
  6. There is honestly not a whole lot you can do. A small group of fellow forum members here and I lobbied against a particular woman who was selling two fake LVs on eBay and it took us several days of each reporting multiple times per day before her listings were finally taken down. My suggestion to you is that if you really feel strongly about having this counterfeit item removed, as most of us here do, be diligent! Report the item multiple times a day! I will also gladly help you and report the item myself. There is actually a thread here on TPF where you can post counterfeit eBay items and other gals here will gladly report, but I'm not sure about MJ...
  7. The OP is not saying the bag is a counterfeit. It is listed at leather when it is coated canvas.
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    FYI, I have the EXACT bag. It is $875 retail value, although I got it cheaper @ Bloomingdale's. It's a coated canvas that's an original Marc Jacobs. The only leather parts are the handles.

    The reason why it's cheap at $875 is because it's not full leather, as the body is coated canvas material. Based on how I see it, it is original

    Check out the ad from Nordstrom:

    Here's a photo of mine from my MJ collection, first photo second row: