Seller messed Up address item was returned to her!!!!

  1. Okay I bought a sweater dress off eBay in October. The seller stated she combine dpurchases in a seven day window so I didn't pay until the other auctions was over. even though I emailed her to tell her what the deal was she sent me an unpaid reminder while I was still bidding on the other stuff. Auction ended I didn't anytihng extra I paid her through paypal. Ten days pass by she never returns numerous emails asking for shipping status. i file a claim and then a tracking number appears. It states as item was undeliverable and returned to sender. Now I paid with a confirmed address through paypal. The seller ahs sent me stuff before with no problems. She emailed me rudely telling me she was not the psot office call them to find out what happened? What is my recourse? I still want the dress if she will remail it which I think she should at her expense since my address was correct and she used it before? :confused1:
  2. Do you think it is possible she gave you a bum DC #? Also paypal at the beginning of Oct. had big problems with addresses getting screwed up.

    Your best bet would be to try and get your money back through paypal. If she is already being difficult, I doubt she would remail it for free.

    You should call your PO with the DC # and try to figure out what happened with it.
  3. I think the undeliverable problem belongs to USPS, not you or the seller. Maybe you two can split the resending cost? Nevertheless, the seller should not be rude unless she expects this will be the last sales with you.
  4. the thing I have met my cap with paypal _ i ahve been shopping up a storm for christmas - So do I send her an money order? I mean she is a power seller and the shipping cost were high. I am beting she sent it by a cheaper method
  5. This seller is the biggest wench- i have exhausted my cap on eBay and can only pay the shipping via money order - i am willing expense to send her a money order overnight to reship - She said no. But she is going to relsit? So I am out money????????? She gets twice for the same dress
  6. If the sale doesn't go through and you have followed all the rules then I can't see why eBay would let her keep your money. The seller is responsible for getting the item to you under Ebay and Paypal policies. It depends on what the undeliverable reason was as to whether you would win a claim or not I suppose. Have you tried contacting Ebay (I hope you didn't close your original claim).
  7. If the item was returned to sender, why not file a claim with Paypal to get your money back? You have a valid "DNR."
  8. ^^^Do you mean "INR"
  9. If the seller still have your dress and will not accept you sending her a money order to cover postage then I think you can just file for non-receipt to get your money back. Remember to file within 45 days with PayPal.
  10. The seller sounded very unreasonable!!It's obviously either she has input an incorrect address or the USPS messed up. You were in good faith contacted her but she chose to be rude with you instead. You should def. file a claim from PP and should be able to get all the money back. You'll just have to take a loss on the shipping part. What a bummer for you. Sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience on eBay.:sad:
  11. the claim is still open but now I ahve another dress that was sent from cananda and ( a different seller)the seller has no tracking number??? wtf - this is crazy!!!!