Seller: Maerim ever bought a Marc Jacobs or any bag from her?

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone ever bought items from this seller, she sells chanel, chloe, louis vuitton, coach and i just bought a Marc Jacobs bag, wonder if anyone has bought a bag from here and how it was?
  2. I did a couple of years ago and it was fine if I remember correctly.
  3. what bag did you buy? was it a marc jacobs or coach, i know she sells lots of coach but has been branching out lately
  4. FYI all authenticating questions should be posted in the --- Authenticate This MJ --- sticky. ;)
  5. Have not purchased MJ, but her Coach things authentic.
  6. I purchased an authentic Balenciaga from her last year.
  7. I purchased an authentic Coach coat from her a few years back. She was a wonderful seller and quality was first rate!
  8. I have purchased two coach bags and a Chanel, all georgeous and all authentic, packaged beautifully! I would absolutely buy from her!!! She is one of the best on eBay I have ever dealt with, truly! Good luck!
  9. maerim is 1000% legit and a pleasure to work with