Seller listing the same thing twice??

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  1. I often buy multiple items if I find a good deal to resell on Ebay. (Ie. buy three, keep one & sell the other two essentially getting mine for a discount or free!)

    ETA: I'm not endorsing the authenticity of the items or the seller (because honestly they don't have a very robust or recent selling history...) just saying multiple auctions alone don't make it suspicious.
  2. oh. but what if it's the same item, and it gets sold on 2 auctions?? wouldn't that be confusing??

    or are you saying it's 3 of the same jeans on 3 auctions?
  3. 3 pairs of jeans, so 3 auctions, people often have multiple items to sell.
  4. It seems right, my husband was selling Army Surplus items....he thought rather than list lots of items, just put a few, but that he had more, and would do BIN's for buyers.
    Well ebay removed the whole lot, with bidders on other items, they thought he was trying to avoid fees....Which he was not.
    Thats why they have listed 3 times.:smile: