Seller Left Feedback For A Cancelled Transaction

  1. Hey,

    A few days ago, I saw a Chanel bag at a low starting price and I thought I should bid. I put the sniper on and then I inquired about the bag and realised that it was not authentic. So I decided that I wouldn't bid. I forgot I put the sniper and I ended up winning the item. The seller was understanding that the item was a fake and that I would not pay for a fake item and she did not insist.

    Today I realized that she has left me with a positive feedback. The reasons I an not happy about it:
    • it is dishonest since I never bought the bag
    • I would look as a buyer of fake bags and lose credibility as a seller of authentic ones.
    What should I do..please help:crybaby:
  2. Maybe you can put a reply that you and seller agreed to mutually withdraw from the transaction.

    Not sure what you can do about it, but after 90 says, buyers will not be able to see what item the feedback was left for anymore.
  3. Wow what an interesting situation. Maybe you can get the feedback removed (same way you can get negative feedback removed). Otherwise I would do as the poster said above and do a reply to the seller's feedback.

    You could always contact eBay itself, but I would go straight for the phone because you will just get the usual email answer that won't actually answer your question.
  4. You can respond to the feedback she left, you can also leave her fb to let others know she is selling fakes.
  5. What exactly did the feedback say? I personally wouldn't worry about anyone leaving me a positive feedback.

    At least she didn't leave you a negative for backing out of the auction. Fake or not, you did bid on it and win it.

    Doesn't the item bought/sold stop showing up in feedback after about 90 days anyway?
  6. You could always reply to the feedback and say something (I can't think right now) to let people know you didn't actually buy the bag. If you have the feedback mutually withdrawn, people will still be able to see the comment and the bag associated with the auction- the positive just won't count. But since it's a positive, I wouldn't worry too much about it, and it'll go away in 90 days.
  7. I understand your concern. Reply back to her feedback stating the transaction was not completed by mutual agreement.
  8. Maybe she was hoping to get postive feedback as well?
  9. That's what I was thinking. Like if she was really nice to you, you would return the favor.
  10. I am definetely not leaving positive feeback to her... I am just thinking now whether I should do a reply as you suggested...
  11. I would just do a reply saying something like "very understanding seller, we did not complete the transaction due to the bag's authenticity" or something.
  12. ^ that's a really good response!
  13. The seller probably thought that you handled a difficult situation well and wanted to thank you with positive feedback. Even successful transactions can have rude buyers and sellers, so I don't think think that is all that should go into a positive feedback. You did back out of the sale after the fact, she could have made everything very difficult for you. Consider yourself lucky. I am dealing with an incredibly annoying buyer whom went to great lengths to win the auction and would now like to split the shipping charge. Unless I want to relist and go through all of that again I am going to have to pay half the shipping. It was a 600.00 purse with the shipping to Europe being 40.00. She paid rather quickly but I will not be leaving her any feedback.