Seller keeps telling me a different shipping date

  1. I purachased and paid for 2 pairs of gem earrings 3 weeks ago from a somewhat reputable seller in a city next to mine. Shipping ususally takes 3 days most if shipped immediately because that's how close it is. I made this transaction in the late evening and the next day I receive an email saying it was shipped out that day. A week goes by, I emailed him again saying I still haven't received it and he responded and he said it was shipped out just the day before. Fine, I waitedfor the second week goes by and on the following Monday still no earrings and he said to wait until Friday, which was yesterday. Now he tells me that he won't be able to re-ship until next Friday because of some BS of family day.

    I am now guessing either he doesn't have these earrings in stock and is just buying time. This guy claims to be a wholesaler but close for family day? It will be 3 weeks as of Monday, SHOULD I FILE FOR ITEM NOT RECEIVED WITH PAYPAL? It is not a huge amount and normally I can tolerate delays but in this case, he has so many shipping dates and excuses, it pisses me off. What should I do?
  2. If he is not being honest, I would go ahead and file. That may incline him to get off his arse and ship your item.
  3. I would file. It seems to me like he is giving you the run around...first he said that they were shipped when they were not...then he said that they had just shipped the day before, which they had he cannot ship until next week because of 'Family Day'? What is that? I would file now!
  4. File the dispute. Maybe that's what he's waiting for.
  5. i agree...sounds fishy...file dispute..:p
  6. Thanks everyone! I just filed a dispute. I will let you know what happens.