seller keeps asking for my address?

  1. this is my second purchase off eBay and with the first id didnt have to tell the seller my address, they just waited for the money to clear and then sent the item, i thought this was the way it was done.
    so with this purchase i payed as soon as the auction ended but my paypal account still says uncleared, it was only yesterday. the seller contacted me today asking when i was going to pay and where the item should be sent to. what do i do?
  2. Contact the seller, through eBay only, and let her know that payment was sent by echeck through paypal and it will take a couple days to clear.

    Is she knew to eBay as well? Maybe she is just a little confused. I know also, if you don't have a confirmed paypal address a lot of sellers will make contact with you to double check the address.
  3. Is it uncleared or unclaimed? If it is unclaimed it sounds like the payment was sent to the wrong email address. Cancel it and ask the seller to confirm what email address payment should be sent to.
  4. its uncleared, the seller is new but not as new as me. iv had three messages today asking for my home address. and i have a confirmed address with paypal.