Seller issues.


Jan 16, 2008
Sept. 26th I won the bag, I paid October 1st, and recieved it later on October 10th.

The listing stated the bag had been used only once, and had been sitting in the attic since 1992. It's a Vintage Dooney and Bourke. Basically... this is the problem, the listing said she would offer refunds, I asked for one, because the leather is practically dry rot, the leather is cracking, it REAKS of mold, and she stuff it in the bag, and I can't get the shape back. And none of this was listed in the ad... it was stated"in very good condition" When I asked about a refund, she told me to use Leather cream on it... .you can't with vintage DB... Now she is eluding my emails! When I asked about a refund, she told me to use Leather cream on it... .you can't with vintage DB... When I complained about the cracking, she said she had been informed that the bag wouldn't crack by Dooney and Bourke... she told me this on a Saturday, Dooney is closed on Saturdays, and then she said she would get back to me monday... well it's almost 9 and no word yet...

What should I do? I really doubt I'll be getting my refund back... when is it the right time to notify paypal


Apr 18, 2006
If the seller indicated in his/her listing with return allowed, you could file a SNAD and I am pretty sure PayPal will side with you. I had a similar experience in the past. The seller said the shoes are brand new but obvious they have been worn. I requested a return but the seller ignored my message. I filed a dispute against him. PayPal simply gave me seller's address and asked me to return it with delivery confirmation. Once I provided PayPal the delivery confirmation, they issued me refund immediately.


Lassoing In Bags!
Sep 19, 2008
I just had to do one of those too...the bag was listed NWT and it had no tags, it was dirty, red markings on buckskin leather..YUCK...I got my refund in five days. As soon as Paypal informs you to ship to the return address, you enter you tracking info and as soon as it says delivered, they refund you. OH...and make sure you escalate to CLAIM...because if you don't, it will just sit there and basically you are waiting for a response from the seller.