Seller isn't taking my paypal payment

  1. This is a new one for me. I found an auction for a fundraiser that had a great spa stay. It was through the eBay screening group to be sure it's legit. I was the winning bidder, meeting reserve, but still significantly below the stated value of the spa package. I paid through Paypal (only form of payment accepted by seller) yesterday afternoon. I also emailed seller.

    Payment still has not been claimed from Paypal and I've had no reply to my email. They stated buyer had 48 hrs to pay.

    If it goes past 24 hrs and it's still unclaimed, what would you do? Wait 48 hrs? Are they possibly trying to think of a way out of it, hoping to get more money in another auction?
  2. I have had this happened before where new seller has recieved alot of payments all together and then paypal has required them to upgrade their account. this is done for buyer protection!

    Just request seller details and give them a ring if you are concerned!
  3. I finally heard from seller. Get this: she said the delay in "claiming" the Paypal payment was because she hadn't set up a Paypal account until yesterday! If your'e selling on eBay and state Paypal is the only method accepted, why wouldn't you have an account before listing your items for sale?? Either incredibly stupid or there's something sketchy. she said my item was being mailed today (yeah, "it's in the mail").