Seller isn't letting me have the shoes I won!!

  1. Hi everyone. I'm new to the Marc Jacob thread here at TPF. I can usually be found at the lv thread or at coach. But anyways.. I'm so annoyed. I found this pair of Marc Jacobs shoes on eBay and instead of the auction saying Marc Jacobs, it said Marc Jacob. And since the shoes probably weren't seen by many people on eBay, I had won the shoes for a very low price. About an hour and a half after receiving the invoice, (I hadn't paid yet because I wasn't home when the invoice was sent) I received this email from the seller:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Hi Michelle, I have to let you know that just now when I was packing the shoes, my toddler son was playing with one of the shoes and scratched the shoe. The scratch is very bad, it leaves a long line on the shoe. So I can't sell you the shoes with damage. I'm really sorry for what happened. I will apply to eBay to cancel the sale so you don't have any responsibility. Regards. tresbellalivre

    I have a feeling that she made up this story just because the shoes sold for such a low price. I find it odd that the seller would just say she can't sell me the shoes instead of asking if I still want them. I asked her to send me a picture but until I get a response, I'm just getting more and more annoyed and hoping eBay doesn't cancel the auction just in case she is lieing. Is it just me or does this seem strange?

    I'm afraid the seller may reply with some bs story like her camera broke or it wasn't hers in the first place and she isn't able to borrow the camera again. I don't know what to do.
  2. that sucks...but i think maybe this should go in the ebay forum...
  3. I agree, this probably needs to go in the ebay forum.... but from what I've heard, when this happens to other people, there's not much they can do. Ebay can't force the seller to complete the sale if they're not collecting payment. Her story seems like a load of crap. Sorry about this!
  4. Oh this has happened to me with my first eBay auction.

    I bid for a LV MOCA Monogram Agenda and strangely no one was watching it so I got it at the starting bid.

    The seller then says she damaged it and would not be able to sell it.

    After I requested to see photos of the damage, she started attacking me and saying I am from Singapore, and there are a lot of fraud cases from Asia so she does not want to sell it to me etc etc.

    Then I disputed her 'Mutual Ending to the Transaction' thingy so at least she did not get her money back.

    I did not leave her a negative feedback as I only have 1 rating, and I still wish to buy other LV things.

    That eBay seller was an evil person...
  5. I would wait and see if the seller provides you with pics to support her claim before assuming anything. You don't want to slam her if she's being honest - on the other hand, if she won't send you pics, then I'd definately report her using the "seller non-performance" form at eBay. (you can find it in the help section by searching non performance I think)

    What a bummer though, either way! :sad:
  6. having two threads on the same topic isn't allowed
  7. Oops. I had first made the post in the Marc Jacobs thread and they told me it should be in the ebay forum. I didn't know it wasn't allowed. Sorry!:shrugs:
  8. michelle, i hope this works out for you. if you've started another thread in the ebay forum you can close this thread by going to thread tools (i think). good luck again!
  9. Thanks. I still haven't received pictures from the seller because we have been going back and forth of her telling me when she can send them and then asking for my email address. I went to thread tools and I don't haven an option to close it. Not sure what to do.
  10. ^^I think you can PM a mod, and maybe they can close it? Either that or eventually we'll stop posting in it & it'll die.
  11. lol I just wanted to tell you because the help you can get in the ebay forum will be vast complaired to here :yes:

    Has she sent you a picture of the shoe yet?
  12. no the last i heard from her was yesterday evening when she asked for my email address. hopefully i get it today. im getting impatient, wondering if shes stalling, trying to figure out the best possible way to photoshop a shoe lol but when she does send it i will post on the thread i left in the ebay forum.