Seller is using my Sac Rayures GM pics!!!

  1. Seller is using my Sac Rayures GM pics that I posted here on TPF. I posted a thread on the LV forum earlier about this but figured it's best if I have one here, as well. You guys are eBay experts and would really appreciate your input.

    Item number: 280196215873
  2. I replied to you in this same threat you posted on the Louis Vuitton section with a link to report them. Good Luck
  3. thanks, geniepr!
  4. How scummy of that seller, they watermarked the stolen pictures with their

    Good luck

  5. ^ I saw someone do this last time too...they simply watermarked their name over the old one but you could still kind of see the old one...

    You should definetly report it!
  6. report it asap :yes: