seller is selling item i returned...with same fraudulent description!!!

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  1. i just posted for the seller- i can not believe that he is reselling the item i bought with the exact same description, esp. after ppal refunded my $ for it?!?!?! what is wrong with this guy? list it accurately- what is with these sellers???
  2. What was wrong with the item?
  3. it was described 'as new'. it was very used- tarnish, wear all over, etc. if it had been described accurately, i wouldn't have bought it. now the seller is reselling it w/the same inaccurate description!
  4. Thing is it's probably not even worth reporting because eBay can't enforce what condition a seller claims an item to be
  5. I agree, you got your money back. I wouldnt be concerned with what he's doing now. Unfortunately, it's the next persons problem, sad as that may be.
  6. ^^ :yes:
  7. ^^^ Yeah, unfortunately, the next buyer is most likely going to go through the same thing :yucky: I hate sellers like this, they give ebay such a bad rep. It really is a "every man for himself" kinda deal. :yucky:
  8. As long as you gave an accurate feedback describing what happened. Then really, it is up to the future bidders to check that and choose whether to bid or not.

    You did your part (thank you) for neging him!!
  9. ^^ :yes: agreed. Hopefully someone will refer to his feedback before purchasing from him
  10. ^ that's actually why i posted his feedback now- i just couldn't believe he would lie like that again. sure, resell, but be accurate. i hope the bidders check !