seller is re-listing shoes I have yet to return

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  1. I've had that happen to me, too. Arranged a return with a seller only to see the shoes listed immediately after... Before I even shipped back. Some sellers jump the gun. So weird. :shrugs:
  2. I bought a LV wallet and was returning it to the seller and was so shocked when she relisted it but it wasn't in her possession and I email her regarding it and her reply was Ebay policy states she could and that a crap of Sh#t.
  3. and she didn't even disclose the fact that these bad boys look like they were worn by the winning horse at the Kentucky Derby and no pics of the horrible black sole :censor:
  4. Ugh. I HATE dishonest sellers. :nono:
  5. dishonest sellers... more than a dime a dozen these days....sad when you

    think about it...
  6. Very dishonest, but I thought ebay policy is you can't sell or list a item if it's not in your possession.
  7. I'd report it to eBay.

    I can't believe so many bids already. I'll never get the allure of used shoes.
  8. DC-Cutie, you should report her since you haven't even ship it back as yet.
  9. Well, OP, I guess this means she will take them back :smile:

    Similar just happened to me, the seller relisted before she had the item. Far as I know, she STILL hasn't rec'd the item (shipped by me from Canada to the US), and the NEW auction has been over for a week or so. Ugh.

    Maybe you should leave f/b about the shoes looking like they were worn by a racehorse? (insert evil grin here)
  10. If you leave factual and appropriate (read: negative) feedback, hopefully people will look at that and see the shoes are the same and make a more informed decision.
  11. ^ I agree. Maybe you can at least save someone else from buying them under the guise of them being in good shape. Can't believe the seller would rush to re-list them like that though, when she doesn't even have the shoes back yet. On the bright side, you know she's willing to take them back lol. Not that she really would have had a choice anyhow, being that she misrepresented them.
  12. Even in those horrid pictures, the shoes look hard worn.
  13. this just happened to me with a bag! i sent the seller back the bag, and it was sitting in the post office for 3 or 4 days before they picked it up. They refused to give me my refund until they had the bag in their posession but they had no problem listing the bag while it was still in the post office waiting to get picked up! i looked at the listing and they changed the measurements with the correct ones but they still failed to disclose the odor on the bag! i even saw it posted in the authenticate this thread, so i think a poor tpfer is the winner of that bag. i am really upset with the seller because they assured me that they would give me a full refund plus the return shipping. Its been days now and while I have received my refund for the bag, I have not gotten the almost $20 return shipping fee!