Seller is not a registered user anymore?!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just bought a MJ bag from eBay last week, and it was described as authentic 07 edition, but it is absolutely fake, the color of the brass chain is different than the rest of the hardware, and the serial# inside says sp06 197.
    Here is the link of the purse
    I went back to the page, and found out the seller is not a registered user anymore, and there's no returning address on the shipping box. What should I do now? Thanks for your advice in advance.
  2. File a claim immediately, don't wait. Say that the item isn't as described. Did you pay with a credit card?
  3. yes, i paid with credit card through paypal, not sure if i can do a charge back, but i will try now. thanks.

  4. If she shipped through the us mail you can also report her to the authorities for mail fraud.
  5. I just filed a claim and I called the credit card company, the guy said I will be covered and they'll do charge back. Thank Goodness! He said I'll have to call on Tuesday during their business hours to go through the process. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for all your advice, and for those people who are in the same situation, contact paypal and credit card company ASAP. Thanks again for all the help.
  6. Make sure you still file a claim with Paypal. They get very pissy if you don't file a claim with them first before you file a chargeback.
  7. I am sorry that happened to you. I always make it a rule to buy from sellers who have sold a lot of stuff and have a great rating. Next time you purchase something make sure you check them out as best you can before buying.
  8. If you've filed a chargeback through your cc company, you should NOT file with Paypal as well.
  9. LVBaby, it's my first time buying on eBay, it's way too risky, i don't think i'll buy again, hehe.

    lorihmatthews, thanks a lot. I did file a claim with PP first, then I called the credit card company to do a charge back.

    lionlaw and bestinclothes, thanks a lot for your tips.

    Here is an update on what's happening. No reply from the seller yet. I called the credit card company today. Apparently, in order for them to do a charge back, they need some documents saying it's fake. One of the documents is an expert's letter with company letterhead indicating the purse is fake. Anyone knows where I can get a letter like this? Thanks a lot.
  10. I think eBay should be able to refund your money. Try reporting it through ebay, you should already be covered until their buyer protections policy.
  11. CarolDiva and MyPoupette both do authentications. There seems to be a preference for CarolDiva but I haven't used either. There are several threads on both on tPF. Ebay/Paypal will probably want one too so you'll probaby have to do this step no matter what.