Seller is asking me to rebuy? Sorry LONG

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  1. I purchased a LV wallet from a Powerseller on eBay, authenticated by a friendly PF member, and others on the board have used them before.
    However after a spendy purchase, I get a notice of shipping and then this.

    This is Josephine again.
    I am sorry to bother you but I just realized that the item won by you was listed under a store listing and eBay charges much higher on an item sold in the store than an item sold in an auction listing. I have relisted the wallet and could you please re-place your bid there by buy it now? I simply listed it at $0.99 to save myself some fees. These days the increasing eBay fees are really killing us sellers. I am sorry if I have caused your any inconvenience and thank you for your kind understanding.

    Thank you!!!



    What kind of C**P is that? What should I tell her?

    I have never encountered this in my 4 years on ebay buying or selling.

    Any ideas?:hysteric:
  2. You have no obligation . . . but she does.
    It's a legal binding contract. I would tell her I'm not comfortable w/ that and to send me my item now please:tender:
  3. Don't do it! If there's any problem with your item, then your protection is only for $0.99?
  4. That's a tough one...

    This might be a case of "choosing your battles wisely" - if this seller sells authentic bags you may want to buy from her again in the future and wouldn't want to burn any bridges.

    However, I agree that she does have an obligation and you are well within your rights to insist she send the bag under the current transaction. Sounds like she is actually asking you for a "favor", and seems to be doing so nicely, but she should have asked you first before relisting. I'd let your intuition be your guide. If she has good feedback and has been otherwise courteous in the transaction, I think I might tend to help her out. Everyone makes mistakes. First, though, I'd want to know how going along with this would affect the payment already on the table, and how "payment" for the Buy It Now in the second auction would be handled. You don't want it to appear as if you didn't pay for something! Also - what happens if another bidder gets there first?

    It all doesn't sound real smart and I think the seller probably should have written it off as an error on her part, but she is the only one who knows her cash flow situation. I think if I were in your shoes and had a good feeling about her as a seller otherwise and she answered all my questions satisfactorily I might go along with her. Maybe she could do a favor for you in the future, who knows - perhaps she could even find a "dream bag" you've been wanting!

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks for your suggestions everyone.
    I looked at the transaction the seller wanted me to go ahead with on the BIN and the price was the same as the one I had already completed! If it was just a case of spending a couple more dollars or something because a seller made a mistake....OK. But I'm not going to commit double the price, which is several hundred dollars, on my paypal account, on the off chance that she will refund me the money.
    I told her that I just can't do that - sorry. I would be willing to pay for extra fees, but but to purchase the item again without a refuld...I just couldn't do.

    Thanks for the support.
  6. Powerseller or not, this is a ridiculous request. Her eBay fees have nothing to do with you and it is shocking to see a Seller make this sort of request of a Buyer. Remember, all "Powerseller" means is a minimum of $1,000/month in sales and a minimum feedback rating of 98% I don't think your Seller has a clue as to what they are doing =)
  7. omg you should not have to pay for extra ANYTHING. she is an idiot. seriously. anyone who owns a store knows the fees are higher. that's why the listing fees are LOWER. so does she have every person who buys from her store cancel their transaction and buy again as an auction? that's ridiculous. i would report her to ebay for fee avoidance. ugh. that makes me so mad.
  8. Yes, I agree with hlflinn - DON'T DO IT!!!!

    Store fees are much less than regular auction fees... in fact that is the reason why Best Offer is so great, because it allows the buyer to put in their best bid, without the higher fees of the auction. I have a store and can attest to this. (The intial fee is lower and the final value fee I think is about the same or less.)

    I don't know why they would do this - but it sounds like they are trying to obligate you to buying the item twice!!! Don't do it !! If you were to bid on the same item twice - no matter what the seller told you , eBay would hold YOU accountable for both bids!!!

    Good grief, what has happened to eBay.
  9. actually bags you're wrong and the seller is right- the store FVF ARE higher since ebay changed it a few weeks ago. which is one of the reasons why so many store sellers closed their stores. but that's also why so many people with stores price their items higher in the store.
  10. I see it the email was signed Josephine. This must be TheHuangFamily on eBay. Josephine is very nice, and I know a lot of people who have dealt with her. She made a mistake and would like to save some fees, I think that is understandable. I don't think she's going to make you pay twice. It sounds like she wants you to mutually agree to cancel the first transaction so she gets her FVF's back from that sale and to bid in a new auction so that you are still protected under eBay.
  11. no matter what you do, DO NOT pay whatever extra fees may be incurred because of HER mistake.
    Bottom line.
  12. yes, ebay has increased their fees starting this year and quite dramatically. normall i list bags and it costs me about $5 or so....i just listed one the other dya and it cost me $15! :shock: ebay aint what it used to be and the only way to make any $$ is selling high end designer items.....they're probably charging her a lot for the insertion fee and final listing thing. i understand why she asked you to do this. just take it step by step though. explain you'd feel most comfortable with a full refund, then ask her to relist the item how she would like to and do it that way. but DO NOT used the BIN of .99. that just takes away any protection you may have had.....through ebay, if the mail decides to lose it or whatever. better to be safe than sorry, and be patient all the while :smile:
  13. FVFs are ALOT higher for stores. She was the one who made the decision to put it in her store inventory.

    If she has good FB, have her make the aution so only you can bid. That way, if it goes through the authentication queu at some odd hour, you will be ok.
  14. if they have good feedback i would do it. i always give sellers benefit of the doubt.
  15. I agree with with Swanky! It was her mistake, not yours!