Seller is asking for more shipping fees after auction has ended.

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  1. I know this has been talked about many times but this might be a little bit different. I know eBay policy on this. For I am also a seller/buyer. If I underestimate the cost. I will always pay for it. I would never ask the buyer for more money. So here is my case.

    UGH. I am having the worst luck with eBay, from the previous CL disaster.

    So one day my BDF took me to SF to look for my first pair of CL. He was very patient and etc..(well actually I bribe him "2 ball bowling bag", in return I won't hear him complain for the whole day :biggrin:) Since he was such a sweetheart. He found the item he wanted. He did all the research and I think /U] it has backfired on me. I used my eBay account to purchase it since there was a double bucks special but paid with his PayPal account since I didn't want it shipped to my house since I have been receiving too many packages lately and my family isn't happy about that!


    So I purchased a bowling bag with a 15# bowling ball for him. Shipping is listed as $12.00 I paid the seller the next day after the auction has ended. I asked her/him to enclose a shipping confirmation number when the item has shipped. Seller said no problem. It's been a about a week. Haven't heard from the seller. So on Saturday I sent an eBay message to the seller asking for the tracking number. Seller responded 2 days later saying "There was a death in the family had to be out of town.. etc. Will ship out tomorrow morning"

    So yesterday the seller sent me this message:
    my response was:
    So I haven't heard from the seller yet. 90% feedback. I can't open a resolution with eBay until the 27th. Should I call eBay? I have a gut feeling that I shouldn't trust the seller. That he/she might not want to give me a refund. Am I protected with eBay or PayPal if I didn't use my own PayPal account? I might sound pushy since it's still early.. but I would like my money & I don't trust the feedback score.

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. Wait till the 27th and then open your claim if you haven't heard from the seller. Your boyfriend can start the claim directly with PayPal if eBay gives you any grief.

    I'd never do that to buyer either.
  3. I agree, open the claim as soon as you can for non-receipt of goods.

    if the seller has been communicating with you through the eBay messages (instead of through private e-mail), eBay can read those messages and he could be NARU'd by eBay for charging unlisted shiping fees.
  4. Some sellers...
    Maybe they thought they could fit it in a flat rate box, isn't that the price for the large one?
    Hopefully they respond
    Good Luck!
  5. you paid almost two weeks ago! i think he owes you free shipping lol
  6. I agree. Not your problem.

    That said, as Buyer I'd feel terrible if a Seller made such a big mistake on shipping price and I'd probably offer to pay a bit towards it, even if it's just $5 as good will.
  7. That is a pretty low feedback rating. Paypal covers "Item not Received" claims whether ebay or not so I don't think the fact you used a different Paypal account should make any difference on your eligibility to file a claim.
  8. FedEx ground is really inexpensive especially if you are shipping to a business. He should check them out, it might be cheaper then the post office.
  9. Thanks! That is always good to know, esp for couples that uses eBay.

    Great news. I received an email from the seller. He/she said that they will ship it. DBF is happy!